Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A Lovely Rendezvous at Romano's

I am happy to announce that I love my cohort.

We were all seated and ready to eat at 5:00 PM inside Romano's Macaroni Grill, which is one of the many eateries within the El Cerrito Plaza. Although I live ten minutes away from the plaza and am quite familiar with it, it was the first time in at least a decade that I had eaten there, so it might as well have been an entirely new restaurant to my palate. I thought this was fitting: new people, new food!
The pizza was absolutely delicious

We chattered amicably for the rest of the evening. Komal had been to Brown the summer before and was able to answer some questions of ours. As we progressed from entrée to desert, it became clear to me that all of us felt excited about the few weeks we had left until the trip. It appeared as though most of the girls there had felt at least partially inspired to attend the Women and Leadership program because of its effect on one's confidence. That was a perspective I hadn't entirely identified with when I decided I wanted to apply: I was primarily interested in learning about the theory of the course. I feel glad that I am joined by others with somewhat different views, because it adds much more uniqueness to the experience.

Joanne, our chaperone, was great. She seems genuinely interested in what we're doing and what we will do at Brown: I know she'll be a wonderful addition to our group. 

Tonight, after getting to know everyone a little bit more, I'm confident in saying we'e all going to get along wonderfully and have fun on our journey to Brown. 
The girls and I after dinner!
Left to right: Komal, Lynda, Bailey, Krystal, Aimee, and me

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