Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Lights, Camera, Smile for the Presentation!

Every event that occurs with ILC marks one more closer to our trip east to the colleges. The School Board Presentation today was yet another new and very different experience. I invited my parents to come to the presentation today with me at Lovonya DeJean Middle School. They too were excited to see all the faces of the school district and the ILCers especially. 

When we entered the Multi-Purpose Room, I let them sit down while I talked to other ILCers and greeted my chaperone Joanne. Everyone was looking sharp with their outfits. I got there quite early, so we waited a while until the meeting actually started. Meanwhile, my Brown cohort took some group photos and sat at our reserved seats waiting patiently while holding our college flag.

The lovely Brown cohort
Komal, Bailey, Krystal, Lynda, Camila, Aimee

There was a lot of time for me to look around. The room was really big and it was full of people by the time it started. Protesters were holding signs across the room. It was a little noisy and full of chatter inside but my focus was on the panel onstage and the ILC. There were cameras in every angle and of course, Don was one of the photographers. 

The meeting finally started at around 6:40 PM. Members of the meeting were introduced and the Ivy League Connection was recognized. Vince Rhea was opening the presentation and introducing each cohort. All the cohorts went up for their turns and the chaperone and one student spoke for each.  The speeches made were so full of thought and sincerity. I felt so proud seeing all the students go up and represent their schools because I know the application process was challenging. I really look forward to seeing the change that this program will bring to all of us. 

Even today, I saw a lot of bright smiles and anticipation for our summer programs. Also, hearing Arnold Dimas talk, a Richmond High senior who participated in the ILC for two years and is a Gate Millennium Scholar, really inspired me because I had a similar experience as him not getting accepted to the ILC my first time applying. When there's opportunity, it must be pursued. He also displayed that Richmond High students are not the thugs that some people have stereotyped us to be. The WCCUSD definitely has intelligent and hard-working people. Each student is truly impressive and this wouldn't be possible without all the people who have helped out with the ILC. We are all very thankful.

Afterwards, Don took numerous photos of the cohorts, chaperones and parents altogether. Trying not to blink wasn't the easiest. Richmond High Principal DeLeon also got all the Richmond students to take nice group photos together.

ILC cohorts, chaperones and parents

Arnold, Jacqueline, Aimee, Mr. DeLeon, Diana, Edward and Mauricio

I ended my eventful day out by getting dinner at Amazing Kitchen with my parents. We ordered Pan Fried Noodles and Beef Fried Rice. 

My parents are excited for me.

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