Saturday, May 14, 2016

A Brand New Blog

Today I woke up bright and early, 6 AM to be exact. I laid in bed wondering how my day was going to go, I hoped it would be great. I wanted to learn more information that would help me feel prepared to leave in a couple of weeks. After I realized that I was wasting time by over thinking so I got out of bed, got ready, and left my house.

I arrived at DeAnza High School at around 7:10 AM, which is very early, but I worked very hard to get into the Ivy League Program, and didn't want to lose this opportunity for anything in the world. As I arrived, I saw Don and we had a great chat while we waited for the janitor to arrive and open the door. Once the janitor came and opened the door, my father and I helped Don bring all the snacks into the room. Soon after the door was open, many of the girls began to arrive and I was excited to be able to meet the rest of the girls in my cohort.  

I immediately met a girl from my cohort, Krystal, who was really friendly. As I slowly meet more of the girls from my cohort, I get more eager to go on the trip. They all help me feel so much more confident about going to Brown. 

Here's Bailey being my model.
Everyone arrived early and at exactly 8:00 am Don began the tutorial. He started off with some rules for the trip, and then went straight into the blogging. We began with some basic blogging steps and then went straight into our practice blog. It was my first blog ever, and although it wasn't a super great detailed blog, I had fun writing it. It made me realize that my blogs will always be there and that someday I can go back, read them, and revisit the memories. The whole process was great until the internet decided to slow down.

Don decided to move on to photography, and allowed us to go outside and take pictures. I had a lot of fun being able to take pictures of my friends. I didn't know they were all such great models.

Once our photography time was up we went back to the class and learned how to upload pictures onto our blogs and MediaFire, Unfortunately Media Fire was blocked, so Don gave us the task to upload them once we got home. 

We then moved on to the packing list. I realized we had to take a lot of materials, and I always over pack, so when the time comes to pack, I really have to think about everything that goes into my luggage. 

We then practiced using the laptop security cable, I never knew these even existed. It was really interesting learning about them and I think it's one of the best ways to keep your laptop safe. I will certainly be using one at Brown, better safe then sorry.

Don then answered a few questions and we were off. It was a very eventful day full of valuable information. After today, I got super excited to go on the trip. I feel much more prepared now.  
After the tutorial, we tried to gather as many people as possible to take a group picture.

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