Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Words of Appreciation and Excitement

I feel like our day is nearly approaching us every single time that we meet up. Next on the list was today's School Board Presentation at Lavonya DeJean Middle School, I brought my mother along to participate in this event with me. This was my very first time being at such presentation with such important leaders of our school district, these are the people who are in charge of improving our education and that is a big deal. I was full of excitement and I felt a little nervous.

Once I arrived in the multi- purpose room I greeted and introduced my mother to our chaperone, Joanne and the rest of the Brown Cohort. The girls and I got together after and snapped some group pictures of course. Then we made our way onto our reserved seats where we anxiously waited for the presentation to start. Meanwhile we chatted on our directions over the order that we would be standing while we faced the board leaders, the room was slowly filling up with protesters, cameras, and people from the community.
'16 Brown Women & Leadership Cohort.
Komal, Bailey, Me, Lynda, Camila, and Aimee.
During the presentation.
The waiting time was over and the presentation opened with The Pledge of Allegiance. The Ivy League Connection was the first discussion of the presentation. Vince Rhea introduced each and every cohort group; Cornell, Penn, Vanderbilt, Chicago, and our school, Brown. Everyone went up and stood in front of the school board with their bright smiles, we thank the board, Don, and everyone else who made this amazing opportunity happen. Each cohort chaperone and one of our students gave their appreciation speeches in their own words and it was so nice hearing what all the speakers had to say. It went so perfect. 

Then Arnold Dimas, a former 2 year ILCer and Gates Millenium winner had the opportunity to talk in front of the board and to all of the ILCers of this year. I really liked what he had to say and it was very inspirational that he didn't give up after he wasn't chosen for the first time. Rather he tried and remained insistent, and this reminded me of myself. The first year I applied to the ILC program I got interviewed but I wasn't selected, but that didn't stop me from trying once again this year. Being able to relate with someone makes me feel like there is many more people who also go through the same and how he is now succeeding as of now for his future it gives me the biggest motivation to keep doing what I do.

Don closed the ILC discussion with an amazing speech that really spoke out for everyone part of this program. After we headed to the courtyard where we took our group picture with the chaperones and the parents. Don took like a million of pictures and the flash blinded me for about a minute to the point that I would just blink every time the flash went off, but I am sure a good picture will come out.

This was my very first time attending a school board presentation and I have to say it is very great see and feel the support from the board and our community. Despite of the pressured feeling of smiling and trying to look my best in front of the many cameras shooting during this event, it all went well and pretty fast. Everyone was looking very lovely today and it was nice seeing all of the shining bright faces once again. It's truly a pleasure to see the resemblance of excitement that I have on the rest of the ILCers as well. I really can't wait for this amazing trip.
Lynda and I.

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