Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Sunny with a Chance of Pasta

I went through two milestone events for me today. In school, I had my first Link Crew meeting, in which we did numerous activities to train and to step out comfort zones for the set of freshmen we will be guiding next year. After school, I went to the Meet and Greet for the Brown cohorts and chaperone at Romano's Macaroni Grill in El Cerrito Plaza.

Romano's Macaroni Grill at El Cerrito Plaza

When I arrived there, I couldn't spot anyone else so I waited in front of the restaurant for a while. The weather decided to be super hot, so it wasn't the most comfortable wait ever. Eventually, I saw and met Joanne, our chaperone, and Krystal and Komal. We finally entered Macaroni Grill and sat at our table. The restaurant was dimly lit with fancy decorations. I've passed by this restaurant many times before, but this was my first time there, as with most of the cohorts. When Bailey, Camila and Lynda arrived, we all introduced ourselves. I felt very welcome and comfortable talking to everyone even though we just met. I appreciate how we all share the enthusiasm of traveling and experiencing this program together since we all mentioned how we've heard how life-changing it is. It makes me even more excited and eager to go to Brown now.

The fanciest cheese pizza I've eaten

The food menu had so many choices in it that we just couldn't decide right away what to order. There was pasta, pizza, carne, seafood and more options as well. I finally decided to get the Penne Rustica, which has shrimp, chicken prosciutto and parmesan with a creamy sauce. While we waited for our dishes, we discussed matters such as how we feel about the program, past experiences and our academics. I got to see more into everyone's personalities and interests, which was very interesting. I feel like I made a lot of new friends today.

Penne Rustica

Soon, the food was ready and was set down on our tables. My dish was delicious but I couldn't finish it all since I ate a slice of cheese pizza before eating my Penne Rustica and I also ate some ice cream at home. Everyone else also seemed very into the food also and we continued to talk to each other to get to know everyone a little more and to discuss what we're expecting for Brown, such as the dorm life, the Women and Leadership course and meet-up times. Based on what Komal was saying about the dorms, I'm really hoping we get the new dorms because it's more spacious and has more outlets.

Lemon Passion
Just when I thought I couldn't eat anymore food, we got dessert. I got the Lemon Passion, a citrus cake with whipped cream and lemon. Everyone's dessert was so sweet it started to make me feel sick from looking at it. Nevertheless, they were very tasty and it was so fun getting to try new food and meet new people all in the same day.

Today was quite tiring and hot as well but I had a splendid time interacting with the Brown cohorts and chaperone, Joanne Whitlock. Of course, we took many group photos together to capture our first meeting together!

Joanne, Me, Camila, Krystal, Lynda and Bailey very full after eating some Italian food
Photo taken by Komal

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