Saturday, May 14, 2016

The Sunrise of A New Blog

Today was the day. At 8 AM sharp all of the ILCers came together at De Anza high school for our mandatory tutorial and luckily we all arrived on time.

I was woken up by the same alarm that wakes me up every morning for school, with exhaustion I forced  myself up at 6:30 AM. I got dressed and left home at 7 AM which is pretty early if you think about it. I don't live too far from De Anza but I had so much over thinking the whole day before. Then I arrived on the campus at 7:30 AM, with some extra time sparing on my hands, I took time to meet other students that are also attending the Women & Leadership program this summer at Brown.

I met Lynda, Bailey, and Joceline who attend Middle College at the moment. I got to talk with them and I learned a few things about their school and about them as well. Now that I know other people that are going to be traveling with me, I feel 100 times more confident in spending an absolute great time.

Once the clock hit 8, we began the tutorial. I got the opportunity to sit down next to the wonderful girls from middle college. We began by going over the rules, which was review for most of us or at least that's what I hope.
The girls putting effort in those practice blogs and Bailey smiling like always.

Ivy League Connection banner with some
 ambulance shown in the background.
Don began teaching us the correct way to blog and demonstrated what to do and what not to do. We began blogging around  AM and we started off with writing our first blog, a practice one of course. In despite of all the server  and log in problems we managed to complete the task. Then we were asked to show our photogenic skills outside in front of the big banner. We snapped some shots and I have to say that I actually witnessed some striking poses from my peers. After uploading the images, guess what? The servers started giving us a hard time accessing MediaFire which was a huge down turn, but we got through it all. 

Camera Shy.
The we had the final talk, we went over all the rules once again. Also I learned that we need to bring along more than what I expected. I never new that laptop locks were even a real thing, but after today I know that I will definitely be needing one.

I actually had more fun at the tutorial than what I had originally expected and I have to say that those snacks were the best part of the tutorial. I was very focused on Don's given instructions. I knew that one small error would of kept us longer than the norm so I made sure I followed EVERY single instruction because I really wanted to go home at 1 o'clock. Thanks to everyone's cooperation we ended the tutorial earlier than we were supposed to.

One thing that I have came to amends with is that this will definitely be the first of many more blogs.

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