Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Feasting in Italian Style

Today's Tuesday was a little different than any other Tuesday and I mean it in a good way. The sun was out and shinning beautifully up in the sky. Finally I could say that we are starting to see some light after those harsh cloudy AP testing days last week, but it is a new week and a fresh start.
Italian food was our choice of today.

The norm of today was waking up and going to school, nothing special until 5 PM. It has became so real now and things are moving fast with the program. I arrived 10 minutes before 5 at Macaroni Grill and yes, my paranoia kicked in once again.

When I first arrived there I was questioning whether I should walk in or wait for everyone until I spotted Komal. She was standing next to a lady which I assume was our chaperone and indeed it was, so I walked myself towards them. I greeted them and it was my first time meeting our chaperone for the trip, Joanne Whitlock, a AP US History and US History teacher at Hercules High School. Then we decided to wait inside and there was Aimee at the door, so we went in and sat down at the table.
Fancy, right?

It was only a matter of a few minutes and we were all there; Joanne, Komal, Aimee, Bailey, Camila, Lynda, and me. We then introduced ourselves, even though some of us already knew each other.

Being a first timer at Macaroni Grill, I came to learn that many of the other girls were also there for their very first time as well which was very exciting. We were served bread and water, cold water inside a pretty glass bottle. As for the bread we had to cut it into bread sticks. For a couple of minutes we browsed up and down the menu.  There was so much to chose from, it was so difficult to make up my mind of what dish I would be devouring, but finally the Chicken Parmesan  won over the Shrimp Portofino, but it was no big, there is always a next time, right?

As we waited for our dishes, Joanne started off the conversation by asking us if we had any questions, concerns, or anything that we needed to say. All of us began speaking one by one, adding our little piece to the conversation. Komal was answering many of our questions and doubts that we had, it was good speaking to her since she attended Brown last summer. The rest of us do not know much about Brown including Joanne so for many of us it will be our first time exploring the campus in a matter of just one month and having someone that does have a little knowledge gives us a great relief. We also got some tips of what we should  pack for our trip from clothing to supplies, and what weather to expect in the East.

Then dinner was served. Everyone received their delicious plates and of course it was the perfect time for a picture

Parmesan Chicken Pasta.
Pizza for everyone.

 Who could ever go wrong with Italian food? After our great meal we resumed our conversation. We had all came to an agreement that testing is only getting difficult every single year. College was also brought up and we all shared some of our top choices.
Gelato for Lynda.

Then dessert time came along.

Tiramisu for me.

Our dinner then was coming to an end, we shared our last thoughts and said our goodbyes.

This meet up dinner with our Women and Leadership cohort was very nice, I got to know a bit more about the girls from their experience and expectations of this program We shared things in common and had very similar questions, and last but not least it was lovely meeting Joanne, she is very kind and funny. Now I know for sure that we are going to have a very great time out in Rhode Island and we are going to eat good.

We couldn't forget the group picture. '16 Women & Leadership Cohort.

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