Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Meet, Greet, and Eat

Last week I received a very exciting email about meeting up with our chaperone and our Women & Leadership Brown cohort. For this event I was definitely more excited than anything else. Last week it felt like it was so far away, of course like everything else in life, it came much sooner than expected.

After a very long night and long hot day a nice dinner with new people was exactly what I needed. I walked into the Macaroni Grill greeted by all the members of my cohort and our chaperone, Joanne Whitlock. I took a seat at the head of the table, the first open seat I saw, and soon enough we began with our introductions. We then began looking at the various choices on the dinner menu. I decided on the Penne Rustica. We also ordered a cheese pizza for the table.

We began discussing the trip as we waited for our food. For the most part,  the group had a majority of their questions answered by Don at the tutorial. But thanks to Komal, we got to hear a student take on things. Komal participated in the Ivy League Connection last year so we asked her some questions about dorms, food, laundry, classes, and other topics. I think I can speak for us all when I say her input was very helpful.

My Delicious Penne Rustica
Our orders came out fairly quickly and I was very hungry, as I didn't eat much during the day so I had a lots of room for my dinner tonight. It was definitely well worth the wait, my penne rustica was great. I could also tell that we all loved the slice of cheese pizza each of us got. We discussed our trip some more while we ate. I think there's one thing everybody learned about me tonight, I love to eat, and never leave the table without clearing my plate. I finished my my pasta and was the only one who didn't get to leave with a to go plate.

Next we took a look at the dessert menus and all decided on a variety of sweets. I decided to keep it simple and get a vanilla gelato, I couldn't turn down a cold dessert on this very hot day. Soon enough our desserts came and everybody shared their desserts across and table and were happy with what they ordered. We then brought the dinner to an end, took a couple more pictures, and said our goodbyes. Everything's getting much more fast paced and with every step I get more excited for our trip to start. I had so much fun tonight it seemed like the dinner was much shorter than it was. I really look forward to everything else to come.

'16 ILC Women & Leadership at Brown Cohort

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