Saturday, July 2, 2016

A Lively Day in Rhode Island

The weekend calls for touring and going out around Rhode Island! This beautiful Saturday consisted of visiting The Breakers Newport Mansion and shopping at the Providence Place with friends. We woke up early to get our long day started.

My cohort met with Ms. Cruzat at the Biltmore Hotel around 11:00 AM and we took a bus to Newport. We were all excited to be reunited with her. It was a long bus ride to Newport with strong air conditioning. We got off at a Gift Shop to get some Newport souvenirs. I got a magnet and necklace. Souvenirs just make me really happy inside. 
Looking tiny next to The Breakers mansion
Pictures are life
We then took another bus to The Breakers mansion. It was enormous from the outside and we all looked like tiny ants next to it. When we got inside, we were given headphones and an electronic device that a tourist could control to have their own tour. We went through a lot of different rooms and saw super fancy architecture from the Gilded Age. The mansion had twenty bathrooms and rooms just for dressing. There was even a set of stairs that were designed to be inches shorter for women with dresses to walk down easily. Apparently, the Vanderbilt family was crazy rich. Honestly, I would get lost in a mansion that big. 
Amazing architecture
Imagine sleeping here
After our interesting tour around The Breakers, we ate at Annie's. I ordered a grilled cheese sandwich with bacon and fried ice cream. It was delicious, but we felt like we were getting diabetes from eating all these sweets. My stomach felt funky for the rest of the day because of this. 

Our cohort then took a bus back to Providence to go to the mall. We talked with Ms. Cruzat for a while then went off to meet with our friends Lauren, Sara and Fern. Providence Place is three stories high and has a lot of different and awesome stores. We went to stores like Hot Topic, Charlotte Russe,  Lush, Forever 21, and a comic book store. It was a lot of fun spending time together and looking at different products. 
Bath Bombs
A few hours of burning calories by walking around the mall and browsing stores, we went out to wait at the Bus Stop. There was a huge event going on in Providence with music blasting and lights flashing everywhere. There were even some fireworks. This has probably been the liveliest night I've experienced in Providence so far. I'd really enjoy going out here often because of all the events the little city of Providence has. 
A Night in Providence
The day ended with us going to Starbucks then heading back to our dorms. Currently, we are bonding over music and just having a good time in our room. Summer at Brown is great.

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