Saturday, July 9, 2016

Hey Bay Area

After a few hours we were given a room at around 1 AM at the Ramada Hotel. We all made our way to the rooms on the second floor and at least there was an elevator. I was going to share a room with Lynda and just as we slid the card key onto the door, it was not functioning right, so Ms. Cruzat gave us a new one, this time it worked. We all agreed to meet up at the lobby at 5:30 AM to talk the 6 AM shuttle to the airport. As soon as Lynda and I got into our room we threw our bags and got ready for bed. 

Once I got on the bed I stayed awake for a while because I couldn't sleep. Lynda and I were having a conversation, and we went a while ranting about the whole Delta Airline situation until I got really tired and I went to sleep.

I woke up to that sound and I got up immediately from the bed and went over to check my phone, it was 6 AM. I started freaking out and I woke up Lynda as I started gathering my things and bashed into the lobby. We had over slept but we were still on time for the shuttle. Camila and Bailey also had slept in and we all made our way to the lobby and then we boarded on the shuttle.

We arrived to the airport and made our way to pass through security. Ms. Cruzat, Camila, Aime, Bailey, and I had met after the security checks, but we were missing Lynda and Komal. We called them and Komal had said that she did not have a boarding pass so she had to go back to the check-in area in order to pass through security.

This happens when you are not TSA pre-checked
In just about 5 minutes they were both passed security. Then we made our was to our gate which was gate A25. Once again we had to go down the escalator and took the train that would take us to the gate A portal. We got off and went back up the escalator where we found our gate.

Waiting to board.

We had 10 minutes until boarding time so we just waited with the whole group of people that were also boarding on the plane. They called us to board at 7:50 AM and it took a while because there was so many people, but we finally boarded on the plane which was all that mattered at that time. I sat next to Camila and Bailey on the plane ride. 

I could not sleep in all the 4 hours and 30 minutes of our ride. In order to kill time I watched movies,  heard music, and I finished some blogging which took most of the 5 hour plane ride.

Aimee's mom receiving her.

We arrived at SFO around 10:32 AM Pacific Time. When we got off our plane we made our way to baggage claim to pick up our bags that had been sent over on the flight we missed. Then we walked off to the parking spaces and we got picked up by the shuttle and we were taken to El Cerrito High School. Just as we arrived there Don took our pictures, we took some snacks and my step father picked me up in no time. I was finally home and I still can't tell if it is reality or not but I am just glad we got here safe.

'16 ILC W&L Cohort

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