Friday, July 1, 2016

Time For A Breather

Today I woke up in the best mood ever because it's Friday. I feel good enough to say that I have survived one week of this summer course and I say it in the sense that I have completed much more in one week than I have ever before. So far I love this program it is truly amazing and I now understand the reason behind why so many students love it and what remarks it leaves in their lives.

I woke up at 7:30 AM to the light of the sun trying to make its way through the blinds, I checked my phone and there was 30 minutes left on the alarm but I got up and started my day. First I started by getting up and off my bed, I took the minute to stretch and wake up all the way. Then I got dressed and ready make my way to the Ratty to eat breakfast with the girls.

Today we didn't really spend  much time in the classroom, but rather we visited three centers around campus that are used as safe spaces where students can go and feel supported, and have a free space to come together with other students that can relate with them. We visited the Brown Center for Students of Color, the LGBTQ Center, and the Sarah Doyle Women's Center. They all are centers that work together for students with that identify with intersectional factors such being from two different types either social and political components. 

The Latino Room

The Asian Room

We created buttons and had pizza at the Sarah Doyle Women's Center which was awesome.

Another thing we got to do while we visited these centers were to present to our class our Leadership Maps. This was a project in which you could decide if you wanted to do a dance, a poem or a collage to present what had influenced you to become a better leader. I personally decided to create a collage of pictures of people that have impact and help shape my leadership skills to become who I am today as a person. All of the girl's presentation really affected me in the sense that I could relate the emotion or feeling they expressed through their presentation and that is a sign that this class in such a short amount of time has already really impacted my life for good.

After these very fun activities, we headed back to our classroom in the CIT building to watch a film name MissRepresentation in which many people point out the wrong and powerful use of media that is used in society to control women's mental and emotional states. This movie really made me angry that the media has and is still today making these poor young girls and women feel so unworthy. Th film also made me feel inspired to inform and help this become an awareness for everyone in the world.

Class then ended and I had a very good day to wrap up the week but at 6 PM Fern, Bailey, Sachi, Ishani, Komal, Lauren, Camila, and I joined together to go eat dinner at Curry and Kabob which is an Indian cuisine restaurant. This was my first time trying Indian food and the reason w chose this place is to try and get to know a bit more about a different culture. I believe that it is important to go to different and new places in which you can get to learn more about a person and their origins. I just have to say the food was so delicious and it is a must try. This was definately something nice to do to wrap up our day.

Chicken Tikka Masala
 We are finally one week down and there is one week left. During this whole week I have met so many people from all over the country and from other countries. There has been tears of joy, endless hugs, trust building, good confusion, and so much knowledge all within one week. This has been the first time I have been around so many new things all at once and it feels hectic but a good type of hectic. I am ready for what the next and last week has to offer.

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