Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Gender 101

Today, was an important part of helping me get my final ideas for my Action Plan. The day consisted of two main events: our morning presentation which was a Bystander Training Workshop, and my afternoon workshop which was Gender 101. These workshops helped me with my Action Plan because my Action Plan is about preferred gender pronoun awareness and these two workshops just helped me fill in the missing pieces.

The Bystander Workshop was led by Molly and Alana. This workshop answered questions and showed us how to handle situations if anyone or ourselves go through any type of assault or harassment. We went into depth and tried to clarify any misconceptions anyone ever had. They showed us how to be good bystanders and how to handle situations of anyone who was ever troubled. This really prepared me in case anything every happens, I'm ready because I didn't know some of the information before.
We finally got the picture Don requested with our instructor.
Then it was was time for lunch. I decided to go to the VDub today to see what they had. I tried the tacos because I was missing the tacos from back home. Although they weren't as good, I would still like to say they were pretty good tacos and I didn't mind eating them.

After lunch, we returned to class and we had a debrief of the Bystander Workshop, we were able to share our ideas in groups about answers to questions we had. It was nice being able to see all the ideas everyone had, and they really did seem like ideas that could be used in the future if they were ever needed.

Finally, class came to an end and it was time for my Gender 101 Workshop. This was my favorite part of the day because it was a confirmation to me that my Action Plan should be on gender pronouns. Although the topics we talked about in the workshop were a lot of topics we had covered in class, I really enjoyed it because my Women and Leadership class is all girls, and this workshop consisted of a couple of identifying male students, so it was nice being able to see the perspective of a male, and their opinions on it.

Finally, I had a quick dinner and returned to Buxton because I had a meeting with Christine about my Action Plan. I was very happy I was able to meet with her and talk about my plans because she gave me great advice and it made me feel confident about my Action Plan. After that, I worked all afternoon on my Action Plan.

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