Monday, July 4, 2016

Ooh, Aah, Ohh!

Happy Fourth of July! This Independence Day was an awesome day well spent going out in Rhode Island. My cohort went out early in the morning to get Starbucks for breakfast then hop on the bus to the Newport Mansions. On our bus ride there, we were feeling uncomfortable because there were some old and loud men acting a little creepy towards us. We were relieved when they went off. On another note, I noticed how patriotic the East is. There were American flags literally on almost every building.

The first mansion we visited was the Rosecliff Mansion. It was an electronic tour with headphones and a tablet being a personal guide. The mansion wasn't as big as The Breakers, but its rooms were beautiful. It'd feel pretty good to live there. After our tour in the Rosecliff, we took a bus to the Marble House. It was mentioned in the tour that it was considered a summer house, or "cottage." That's a huge cottage. The 1974 version of The Great Gatsby was also filmed here. I felt fancy walking through the mansions. I wondered what the people who lived there have done inside.
As usual, we went out to eat lunch. Today, we went to the Pasta Beach, an Italian restaurant. I ordered a Ricotto Calzone. I expected it to be really small but when I got it, it was huge. It was the size of a whole pizza folded in half. The calzone was great. but I just couldn't finish it. None of us could finish our food except Bailey. She always finishes. 

Just when we thought we couldn't take anything in anymore, we got a Nutella Pizza with whipped cream and strawberries for dessert. It was diabetes but it tasted like heaven. 
Hungry and annoyed at moths
Garlic Bread, Calzone and Nutella Pizza
After that big meal, we headed back to Providence to get ready to see the fireworks at Indian Point Park. On the bus, we had another experience of some old man staring oddly at us and we were just so done at that point. When we got off, our cohort walked back to Brown to change and get some items, then we went to go walk with our friends to see the fireworks. When we got there, there was a band playing music like Oye Como Va by Santana and Come Together by the Beatles. People were dancing and having a good time in front of the stage. There was more people everywhere sitting, standing and socializing. We found a spot to sit at near the stage and we stuck around there for a bit enjoying the music then we eventually found another spot near the water to get a better view of the fireworks.
The fireworks started at about 9:15 PM. It lasted for a long time and it was such a pretty sight. We kept saying "Ooh" and "Aah." Everyone would clap and cheer whenever the fireworks got loud in abundance. I loved watching the fireworks while out in the grass with the chilly breeze. It definitely is a night to remember.
To wrap up our night on the Fourth of July, I ate some ice cream at Ben n Jerry's with Krystal and Ishani while our other friends got some Starbucks. We've spent a lot of quality time together this weekend and every moment is a great one.

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