Saturday, July 2, 2016

Pins, Pizza, and Miss Representation

Today's agenda included going to the Brown's Colored Student Center, the LGBTQ Center, and the Women's Center. I was excited to go to all these centers! We toured all three centers and talked to the main faculty members in charge of the centers. We had a few presentations of our life maps at each location. I was struck with how much everyone has faced just because they are a girl.
Break time at the LGBTQ Center.
My life map.
The women's center hosted a pizza party for us and it was so heartwarming. The pizza was delicious and hanging out with everyone was so fun! We even made pins with the head coordinator of the LGBTQ Center. She was so nice to let us create our own buttons. We were all busy drawing and writing. I was stuck for a while since it was so amusing seeing everyone so busy with their creativity. 

After lunch and our session of pin-making, we went back to class to watch Miss Representation. The film was absolutely brilliant. I would recommend everyone to watch the film. My mind was blown with so much new information. Although I knew that media plays a huge role in corrupting the minds of young children, I never knew to what extent it does. The film opened by eyes to the fact that the reason why there aren't many female leaders is because of the big media corporations. I have realized that media literacy is very important and I want to include that in my action plan somehow.

With this, class ended and we all went back to our dorms to rest. I took a shower and took a nap before we headed to Kabob and Curry for dinner. I was missing home food so much and was very happy to feast at Kabob and Curry. 

The night ended with playing cards, dancing to various types of music, and watching funny videos. I can't wait to sleep in during the weekend! 

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