Saturday, July 2, 2016

Welcome to my Crib

Welcome to my home.
Bailey and I at the mansion.
After a long bus drive to Newport, I was able to go visit my house, and no not my real house. It was more of a dream house. We were able to visit the Newport Mansions, in specific The Breakers Mansion. It was really big and gorgeous. The view it had from the balcony was amazing. I don't ever think I would want to live in a house so big because I'd always feel lonely. It was beautiful, and it was great to be able to see it. On Monday we will be returning and seeing four more, including the one The Great Gatsby was inspired by. This gets me really excited because I love The Great Gatsby and being able to see where they were inspired from just makes it better.

Fried ice cream.

Then we had dinner in Newport. They food was delicious and the restaurant felt very small, and like I was at home. The best part of my whole meal was probably the dessert because it was my first time trying fried ice cream and it was amazing.

After another long bus ride back to Providence, we decided to go meet up with some friends we met at Brown. We walked around the mall, and just looked at stores. We didn't really get to shop much.

Once we hung out for a bit, we caught the bus back to Brown. Bailey and I then decided to go outside and play Frisbee with new friends, and that's how my night ended.

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