Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Enchiladas are Waiting for Me

A couple of days ago, I called my mom to make sure she made me enchiladas, so when I arrived I would be able to eat the food I missed most while I was at Brown.

Christine, Tina, and I.
The morning was full of emotions. We had our last breakfast at The Ratty and our last day of class. It was a very emotional last day of class. We all went around the room and gave each other a piece of string, tied it around our wrist and said what we enjoyed about each other. I got really sad when I went with Tina and Christine because they were just so sweet and they just told me very inspiring things. I'm truly going to miss everyone.

Now it was lunch time. We decided to use this time to finish up our packing, return our fans, and practice our action plan speeches. We also went to The Ratty for a quick snack because we were very nervous of what was to come next.
My roomate Celine and I

We gathered up at MacMillan Hall, and had an introductory to the action plans. They presented all the RA's and all the teachers. They also showed a slide show of all the memories, too bad only my shoulders and back came out in one picture.

As we left the hall and met up with our moderators, my nerves were horrible. Walking to the class were I had to present, my nerves were still horrible. I was the third to present, so as the other people who presented before me got great feedback, I knew I would be ready and my nerves really calmed down. 

After my presentation, I got so many positive comments. I was so happy and so relieved. Everyone in my group did amazing action plans and I know they will succeed and create a positive change. 

As we went to MacMillan and said our final goodbyes, it all hit me that we were leaving and it was just so sad. 

We returned to our dorms, got all our bags, returned our keys, and we were off to the airport. When we arrived to the airport, I was happy to find out I was TSA Pre Check, unlike last time. But we also had the news that our plane 30 minutes delayed. After passing security, we had some dinner to kill time before going on the plane.

My floor mates, Nupur and Aksa.
Now we were off, well kind of, because once we got on the plane we had to wait another 50 minutes for fueling and paperwork. That's already all together and hour and twenty minutes of delay. We were so scared, because we had a connecting flight. Once we landed and got out the plane, we ran to our next gate, only to find out that the doors had closed. We were there 2 minutes before departure and they refused to open the door. We were all mad because it wasn't our fault we were late.

We went to talk to the Delta customer service, and they told us they could book us for their next flight, at 8:00 AM. So that meant we either had to stay at the airport all night or get a hotel. So as we asked them if they could pay for our hotel since it wasn't safe to stay at the airport, they said no because it wasn't their fault they were late, it was the governments. I believe throughout this whole conversation they were just so rude, and acted like we didn't know anything. 

Don was kind enough to provide us a hotel since Delta refused to, and only gave us vouchers for a discount, so now we were stranded in Atlanta. All I could think about at this point were the enchiladas that were waiting at home for me to eat.

When we arrived at the hotel, we had another difficulty, the lady at the counter wasn't allowing Don to pay for our rooms through the phone. Fortunately, he was able to get a hold of the accountant to put money on the card. Finally, we were able to go up to our rooms at about 1:00 AM. Our luggage's were with Delta so we had nothing except for the overnight bag they provided us. So at least we were able to brush our teeth. After that, I fell right asleep because I had a long day a head of me. 

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