Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Pre Action Plan

We are done with the holiday celebration and now we are back to waking up early. I woke up at 7:30 AM and then after getting ready I headed to the Ratty for breakfast. I ate just a little since my appetite was running pretty low. Then Aimee and I headed to class at 8:40 AM. 

This morning in class we had a Bystander Training Workshop. Two ladies named Alana and Molly led this workshop and they discussed different types of assaults, and what bystanders are and how they can help. As a class we also contributed our forms of understanding different terms and issues because they are totally different than the general definition that the majority of the people are familiar with. Most importantly we asked questions to clear any misconceptions or confusion. In my psychology class I had already learned most of the bystander effect issue and how to help others when you are a bystander in a situation or witnessing a situation. 

At 11:30 AM we were released for lunch. Aimee and I met with our TA, Christine at lunch to have a meeting to help up discuss and organize our action plans before tomorrow's writing assignment is due. We headed to the Ratty and talked there while we also had lunch. We went over our ideas to help us really plan and come up with a successful plan that can actually work in the future. Her information definitely helped me in deciding how I want to organize and lay out this issue that has been around my community for so long and that I am trying to help raise awareness and support for.

Then we resumed class at 1 PM. We did a 40 minute question-answer gallery walk through the classroom. The questions were all related to the morning's Bystander Training Workshop. We had the opportunity to answer questions by ourselves and with others, or we had the option to listen to other discussions. At 2 PM, people who hadn't presented their leadership maps had the opportunity at that time to finish presenting which took most of the class. One of the girl's presentation was very personal and so touching that I immediately felt empathy for her and my throat out of a sudden had a knot. It was just so intimate and so effective to me.

Class was released before workshop around 3 PM and we only had 30 minutes to do what we wanted. I ran quickly to my dorm and back to CVS to purchase snacks. Then I got to my workshop in the CIT room right at 3:30 PM. My workshop was Gender 101 with Skenda and Dom. At this workshop there was other students from the environmental engagement and global development class so I had the opportunity learn different views from other students. I also learned new gender identity terms that I din't know before, and there is so much more.

After the workshop Bailey, Lynda, and I headed to eat dinner at the Ratty, where we met up with Camila and Sachi. We spent about 2 hours talking about life situations and then we headed back to our dorms to finish our action plan assignment.

This is also the last week of our program and it is so crazy how fast the first week went by. The even crazier part is how attached I'v become with my new classmates, I feel like I have known them all my life. Also because this is the last week, it means that we are now assigned to do our action plans, a project that we can plan to help our community.
Komal, Camila, Tina, Me, Aimee, Lynda, and Bailey

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  1. Nice to see there's been so much to learn out there at Brown. Good luck to everyone on their with the final week!