Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Flashback To The Beginning

It was my freshman year when I was first exposed to the Ivy League Connection, and ever since then it was possibly the best thing that could have ever happened to me. That same year I witnessed the 2014 ILC W&L cohort make their journey to the East. I noticed the way they all transformed into women leaders at my school when they came back the next school year and I wanted that for myself. 

My sophomore year came around and I was once again given an ILC presentation at my school's library, but this year was different. That year I actually qualified to apply for the scholarship and I did. I completed all the essays and I waited for any news to come. Then shortly after I was called to get interviewed and I was full of excitement to being able to become part of the program and travel East. I went to my interview at El Cerrito High School, but I was not selected. That day I felt somewhat upset but I knew that maybe that year it was just not my turn. 

I didn't allow one failure to measure my capacity and achievement, so I spent a whole year waiting for the opportunity to come once again for the last time.

Last year I began my junior year of high school, as the year went by the level of difficulty kept increasing as I had assignments piling one after another. I managed to remain on task and keep a GPA nothing less than a 4.0. I was also introduced to many other summer programs and I had no intent of applying for the Ivy League Program, until my friend Cynthia who was part of the ILC in 2014 had let me know that no one had applied to it. I felt as if my school needed to be represented so I decided to apply for one last shot. I had decided to stay persistent and consistent, so I wouldn't stay with the doubt that I could of done it. For the second time I had submitted my essays and I got called for the interview.  I remember that I felt so great after my interview and I was happy with whatever the outcome would be. Then I heard my name after "We proudly want to congratulate...". At that moment I did not know how to react, I just exchanged looks with my parents and ever since then my life change.

Although I had to give up many dates like my birthday, just to conform with the important ILC events, but now I can say it was totally worth it.

The great amount of fancy dinners, tutorials, and meetings helped me become more punctual and responsible. I was given the opportunity through this program to meet new important people that at one point seemed scary but were really nice, and are willing to help me and others to succeed. I learned to socialize with others in order to make great connections that could benefit me for a life time.

I was exposed to many great places like the East Coast such as Boston and Rhode Island where I visited Wellesley College and attended my program at Brown University. Thanks to the Ivy League Connection that in just two weeks, which is a short time, I grew so much as a person. I learned so much about myself and I learned so much about others.

I was really revealed to the great options and variety of colleges outside of California that I never knew about before. I truly want to thank Ms. Kronenberg, Mr. Ramsey, Don Gosney, and all of the sponsors that made this program possible.
The Day Of My Interview.
February 22, 2016
The Day Of Departure.
June 22, 2016
The Day We Came Back Home.
July 9, 2016

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  1. I am so thrilled, Krystal, that you chose to apply and graces with your presence. It truly was a thrill and my own life has been enhanced by your decision. I hope we lived up to your expectations.