Monday, July 4, 2016

Land of the Free and Home of Brown

The Rosecliff.
I wasn't sure how spending the Fourth of July would feel away from home. I feared it would feel too different to spend the holiday on the other side of the country. Although it was different, it was great. The day started with a Starbucks run and meeting Ms. Cruzat at the bus stop near her hotel. We all knew which bus to take since we had already visited Newport on Saturday and were heading to the same place. After a small wait we boarded the bus and took a pretty rough ride to Newport. I say rough because the bus was extremely crowded and due to the parade going on today we had to take a detour. This caused a lot of rowdiness and confusion.

In the end we made it to Newport and headed over to the Rosecliff Mansion and then the Marble House. These houses were so beautiful and I took in so much history through the audio tour. I can only imagine growing up and living in such an extravagant home. Both the tours took a lot of walking and after we finished them we decided we should head out to lunch. We caught the first trolley from the Marble House and headed over to a small shopping plaza where a few restaurants lie.

We decided to eat at Pasta Beach. The restaurant was very small but also very pretty and comfortable. We were soon seated at a table outside and began looking at the menus. I love spending time with my cohort and Ms. Cruzat so lunch was indeed very fun. I ordered a spaghetti carbonara and it was delicious. I also had a slice of Komal's pizza which was tasty as well. We all ended up very stuffed but when the waitress gave us the option of nutella pizza for dessert we couldn't turn it down. Soon enough we all were diving into the pizza dessert. It was great, I  definitely have to find a place that does these nutella pizzas back at home. After lunch we headed back on a trolley and to the bus station to head home.

We all said our goodbyes to Ms. Cruzat and finally made it back to campus. We then began getting prepared for the rest of the day, which was the Fourth of July celebration. After changing into some warmer clothes I headed out to meet the cohort and our classmates. We then walked for about 20 minutes to Indian Point Park. We reserved our area in the grass and went to check out the band that was playing in the park. The music was great and everybody seemed so happy and carefree. We all danced until it was time to watch fireworks. The firework show was great and I'm glad that I got to spend the holiday with all of my brownie friends. After the show we had quite an adventure trying to get back to our dorms. Eventually we made it, after mingling with some of our friends outside we headed inside to end our night off with some work and great sleep.

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