Saturday, July 9, 2016

Home is Where the Heart is

After our long and intense night of traveling, missing our flight, and checking in a hotel, us Brown ladies finally took off for home early in the morning.

We all agreed on meeting in the lobby at 5:30 AM so we could get to the airport on time. I shared rooms with Komal, so I woke her up just in time so we could go downstairs and catch the first available shuttle. After hectic packing and getting ready, we went downstairs together and met with Ms. Cruzat. No one else was there, so after minutes passed, we called them but there were no answers. I went to check on them in their hotel rooms and apparently everyone didn't hear their alarms. That's how you know we were exhausted. 

We rushed to get down and caught the shuttle to Atlanta Airport on time. Our cohort walked over to Gate A25 and this time in no chaotic rush like we did the night before. It was a huge relief. The flight was on time as well. Everything was perfect, except that my backpack was super heavy and was a burden carrying around.

Before boarding, we got some snacks like yogurt and sandwiches to eat on the plane. Purchasing things in the airport is really expensive though, unfortunately.
Tired, but still photogenic
On the plane, my cohort was seated together all the way in the back of the plane. I was in a row with Lynda and Komal. This plane was bigger than the one we took from Providence to Atlanta. It also had entertainment on the screen, so it wasn't as boring. During this long flight all the way back to San Francisco, I brainstormed for my blogs, watched Zootopia and Kung Fu Panda 3, and napped several times. We also got some airplane food. I got some fresh Fruit and Cheese. 

We arrived in SFO then got our luggage at the Baggage Claim. I remember how we were worrying about our luggage being lost but they were sitting there with the bright yellow name tags that Don gave us, so it was all good. 

Our shuttle was already there and we were closing our trip and moving closer and closer to home. When we arrived in El Cerrito, my parents were already there and talking to Don. It really felt good to be home. Those of us whose parents were already there greeted them and then Don made us grab all of the leftover snacks he had. I could hardly even finish the snacks I took before I left to Brown. I plan on sharing though.
The Brownies are Home
Oh, Hi Mom!
The final day of our traveling went by smoothly. It's still hard to believe that two weeks in the East has passed by like a breeze. It was an incredible experience and I hope that college is going to be this fun and more.

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