Sunday, July 10, 2016

Back in the Bay

Views from the plane.
As the phone rang in the morning, only to realize Krystal and I had overslept, it was 6:00 AM, the time we were suppose to catch the shuttle. We grabbed our bags and ran down. Only to find out we weren't the only ones that overslept, Camila and Bailey did too.

We ended up getting the 6:30 AM shuttle which wasn't bad because we still had plenty of time to get to the airport and through airport security. As Komal and I waited in line to go through security, we found out her ticket didn't have a destination, so I went with her to get it reprinted. I ended up getting mine reprinted too because the tickets Delta had gave us the day before didn't have bar codes to scan. With these new tickets, Komal and I found out we had TSA Pre Check and we were so happy we didn't have to go through that long line again.

Views  from inside the plane featuring Krystal
It was finally time to get on the plane. It was nice being able to sit next to all the ILC girls. We also had free entertainment so I watched three movies, Allegiant, Zootopia, and The Jungle Book, those five hours flew by so fast, before I knew it, I was off the plane.

On to baggage claim we went, to our luck all our bags were there so we quickly claimed them and then got on our shuttle. I was so excited to finally be going home. 

When we arrived to El Cerrito, my mother wasn't yet there to pick me up. but seconds later, she arrived. I was so happy to see her. Don then took pictures of the group, and despite being tired, we all looked good. We then went shopping in Don's snack pile, I got enough snacks to last me for a while and I am so happy. 

Then, I was finally able to go home and fall asleep.
The returning picture.

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