Saturday, July 2, 2016

The Brown Ladies Take On Newport

Today I woke up late and got ready. After getting ready I was walking downstairs to met up with the girls and I bumped into Camila so we waited outside Olney for the rest of the girls. We finally were going off campus to join up with Ms. Cruzat and we planned on visiting Newport since the entire Brown trip to Newport was full. It was a good idea to get out of Providence and explore after an intense week.

We all joined together and walked down Thayer St. to catch the bus to the hotel downtown. The sun was out and the skies were clear. We all took the bus and it was about 5 minutes of a ride so we got dropped off at the Kennedy Plaza which is right in front of the Biltmore Hotel where Ms. Cruzat was staying. We crossed the street and walked into the lobby, she immediately go up right when she saw us and gave us a big hug. It was very nice seeing her once again.

Then we made our way to the bus station right across the street we took the bus number 60 to Newport. The ride took around an hour and the seats were all full, there was even people even standing. All throughout the ride people jumped on and off the bus. Then finally we arrived in Newport, we roamed around the place and even went to buy souvenirs in the gift shop. I bought a long sleeve shirt that was just $28, all the souvenirs shops are so expensive but at least it will last me years.

Then we got on another bus that drove us to the mansions. We got dropped at the luxurious Breakers Mansion that was once owned by the Vanderbilt family. The mansion was just huge, elegant, and beautiful. It made me feel day dreamy, and I hope one day that I will become a successful enough to own a mansion as well. The house hold  so much money from the marble tops to the handles made from gold. It was just amazing to look at it.

Inside the Breakers Mansion

It was late and we decided to go eat. We ended up going to Anne's a very vintage dinner. The food was actually great but the dessert was just fantastic.

Our next stop was the mall. We all wanted and have been waiting for the moment to go shopping at Providence Place Mall. Will today was the day. We took the bus to Providence once again and it took more than one hour to get back to town.

Bath Bombs

We then arrived at the mall and the shopping started. Ms. Cruzat then left us all on our own and we walked in and out the stores with bags and sometimes no bags but it was okay. As we were searching around we met up with some friends from Olney. After purchasing clothing items for about 4 hours we finally decided to take the bus back to campus. We arrived at Thayer St. and walked back into our dorms were we are now together in a dorm bonding together as sisters.

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