Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Lights, Camera, and Action Plan!

Now this really feels like college.

I can feel how tired and stressed my classmates are beginning to get over the Action Plan. Essentially, this is a project that all people in the Leadership Institute must complete in which one addresses a problem, proposes a solution, and then asks one to share what kind of outcome(s) would be considered a success.

I met with Christine, my TA, Sunday evening to let her know exactly what I had in mind and to receive feedback or help. Everyone must meet with her before turning in their essays, which are due tomorrow evening at 5:00 PM (Rhode Island time). She is also a native Californian, specifically from San Francisco.

The Ivy League Connection Brown cohort and nearly the entire Women and Leadership class spent the rest of the day working on their Action Plans. We were only interrupted by workshops that informed us on how to be a positive bystander and college success.

The Positive Bystander workshop was definitely on the heavier side: it involved discussing what it meant to be sexually assaulted and how we could begin tackling the problem.

The College Success workshop was much more light-hearted. It was one of the many workshops being held in the afternoon for the Leadership Institute and centered around what we thought success was. We realized that our idea of success is often skewed and favors one sphere of life much more than the others, which can potentially be dangerous when it comes to neglect or failure.

As you might be able to see, today was catered mostly towards working and learning. The deadline for the Action Plans is fast approaching, so wish us luck!
Komal, me, Tina, Krystal, Aimee, Lynda, and Bailey!

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