Sunday, July 3, 2016

Fun in the Sun

The greatest highlight of this Sunday was going on our Brown trip to Scarborough Beach. I've gone to several beaches before, but I've never actually swam in one. I was pretty excited to experience what the beach would be like.

At 8:45 AM, everyone attending the trip went down Thayer Street to check in the buses. I met up with Krystal, Komal, Lauren, Fern and Ishani to go inside Bus 3 together. The ride there was quite long because of traffic. What made it worse was that the air conditioning was so strong and it was freezing in there. I was getting shivers. After that freezing ride, we finally got to the beach. I looked around the beach and there were people everywhere tanning, swimming and doing all sorts of activities. My friends and I found a spot to lay our towels and items down. To prevent some awful sunburns, we applied sunscreen like crazy.
Fern and I
Walking to the beach
Some of us tanned, but I went out to feel the water. When I put my feet in it for the first time, it felt ice cold. I was expecting it to be more like a pool which is usually warm, but I was wrong. That beach gave me chills. I went deeper and was entertaining myself by watching and feeling the waves come and go. After having fun splashing around in the water and never going deep enough the beach to swim, we went to get some food and check in. All the food here seems to be overpriced. I got a cheese dog for $4.50.
I scream for ice cream
The beach was a lot of fun and we got to have some deep and interesting conversations while we were lying out under the sun. We left to Brown at 3:30 PM and we rested a while. I unfortunately got some sunburns on my shoulder. I ate dinner with my friends in the Ratty and we talked more about gender and sexuality issues we've been looking at in class. It was really interesting and I feel that we're definitely questioning issues we see in society more. 

When we returned to our dorms, we all had a mandatory mid-week floor meeting in the lounge. We raised issues such as problems we see in the bathroom regarding trash and lack of toilet paper. There were also talks about our favorite moments. At the end, we filled out reflection sheets. I can't believe we're almost done with this program.

Everything has been wonderful so far and I can't wait to give back to my school and community. This fun beach day ended with us bonding more in our dorm rooms watching a movie and talking about life.

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