Tuesday, July 5, 2016


After a quick bite to eat, I headed over to class and walked into the cold classroom with ten minutes to spare. I mingled with some classmates until the start of class. When class started we were given the plan of the day. The day started with a 9:15 AM workshop on being a positive bystander. The workshop gave us a lot of information on being both effective and positive when witnessing an event. The tips that were given today are definitely things that I will keep close to me for a lifetime. After the workshop we debriefed and asked some questions we had at the end.

We then headed out to lunch. For lunch I had a weird combination of tacos and fries, it was delicious though. I sat with my classmate Ishani at lunch we talked a lot about the differences from where we live, she's from India. I finished eating and then went back to class with Ishani and Lynda. When we got to class Tina had a new open discussion activity set up for us. We walked around the room joining random groups and discussed questions Tina had prepared. This was really fun, getting to talk openly about our different ideas was enlightening as well. We then debriefed and began finishing our action plan presentations. 

I was pretty nervous to present mine as public speaking is not my forte. Since I was a little scared I took the penultimate position to speak. Since there weren't many speakers left, my turn came very quickly. The presentation went very quickly and I felt relieved to be done. After class I had a thirty minute break until my Gender 101 workshop. The workshop taught us all about the differences between sex and gender, the practice of inclusive language as well as many other topics. We also played a few games and energizers with the group which were a lot of fun. We ended the workshop with one more energizer and then I headed to dinner.
Krystal and Ishani at dinner.

Today's dinner consisted of hot dogs and fries, I also had another great conversation with Krystal, Ishani, Camila, and Sachi. After dinner I met up with Krystal and Aimee so we could begin working on our Action Plans. After a little bit of work I met up with our TA Christine and Lynda to get a quick consult on our Action Plans. Christine gave me a lot ideas for my presentation and I feel much more confident in the content of my essay. The meeting was very helpful and now I'm going to finish up my plan for the rest of the night so that tomorrow I can have a nice day off.

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