Sunday, July 3, 2016

Buttons and Buddies

Today was a rather lax and restful day. As usual, I went to the Ratty for breakfast and then walked to class with people from class. The plan for the day was to tour some of the many support groups within Brown, and then watch the documentary Miss Representation. Class would be punctuated with a few presentations on what had impacted us on our leadership journey.

We started off our tour at Brown's Student of Color Center. The organization provides a safe and social place for all students of color at the university. It encourages its members to be empowered and cultivate their leadership skills. I even wound up getting a sticker that said Latinx and plastered it on my water-bottle.

Then, we walked over to the LGBTQ Center that essentially provided the same things as Brown's
Some of the very important rules within the LGBTQ Center.
Student of Color Center. The same held true for the Sarah Doyle's Women Center.

All three spaces were designed to cater to the specific needs of its diverse members, and they reflected a true sense of compassion found on Brown's campus.

Women and Leadership spent lunch at the Sarah Doyle's Women Center, eating pizza and making buttons. The button making device and materials were provided by the LGBTQ center, and thus many of our creations had themes relating to feminism and LGBTQ rights. 

Once lunch had ended we all walked back to the classroom and watched Miss Representation. It highlighted the disgusting patriarchal standards placed upon women and disseminated through the media. There were periods in which the class collectively scoffed in revulsion at some of the examples of this misogyny, which made me extremely thankful to be surrounded by like-minded people.

We had the rest of the day free to rest and socialize as we pleased. Fridays truly are the best.

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