Sunday, July 3, 2016

If I Was Royalty

I had been awaiting Saturday to finally sleep in. Well, my dream wasn't quite fulfilled as I had to wake up with several alarms to go to Newport to see gorgeous mansions. But, it was all worth it. I had breakfast with my friends in my pajamas at the Ratty. I had french toast, cereal, and a glass of mango-passion fruit juice.

After filling my tummy, I got dressed and met up with the whole cohort in front of the Olney House. We walked down Thayer Street to take a bus to Ms. Cruzat's hotel. It is amazing how college students can use public transportation for free with their Brown IDs.  For some odd reason, my Brown ID wouldn't work while everyone else's did. The bus driver was also a bit rude to me so my day began with a bad start.

Once at the hotel, we took a bus to Newport. There wasn't much scenery to gaze at so I tried to just nap. After an hour long ride, we got to Newport and explored gift shops.
Newport vibes.

Model status Aimee.
Our next destination was Breakers Mansion. The mansion was so gorgeous! The mansion had a beautiful architecture. We recieve headphones to enjoy a personalized tour. We were able to site-see the first two floors. It's crazy how in just the second floor there were twenty rooms. Even the staff rooms were beautiful. I wonder how it would feel like to be royalty and own a mansion like the Breakers one.

After Breakers, we went to lunch at Annie's. I ordered a grilled cheese sandwich with sweet potato fries. The fried ice cream for desert was amazing!

Since it was time for most of the mansions to close for the day, we headed back to Providence to roam around the grand mall. We met up with our other friends, Lauren, Sara, and Fern, and explored and shopped.

We took a bus back to Brown and enjoyed the rest of the night dancing, singing, and playing games. It was so fun! I am going to miss everyone so much! 

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