Thursday, July 7, 2016

Practice Makes Perfect

The agenda for class.
I had a waffle for lunch today.
Today in class we practiced our presentations. We were all given separate agendas for our practice day. I was placed into the fourth group scheduling. My schedule consisted of analyzing two groups of presentations, presenting to a small group, and then presenting to a large group. The first thing I did was write feedback about presentations. This was very fun, every single presentation was very interesting and compelling and it also gave me a few pointers for when I go up. After this session it was time for group four. I was the fourth speaker to go up. Even though this was all practice I was very nervous. Soon enough my presentation was over and at the end of my presentation I took questions. I was very fearful of not knowing the answer to a question but I ended up answering each questions for easily and fluidly. When I looked at the written feedback from my peers most of it mentioned my need to talk slower, make more eye contact and use body language. I will take all of this feedback into account for my presentation tomorrow. We headed out to eat lunch after the presentations in the large group were finished.

When I came back to class, group four was separated into a smaller group for presentations with our TA, Christine. This allowed for us to get a lot of verbal feedback and this portion was very helpful as well. After the small groups, we joined the large group again to be the people who ask questions to the speakers. I feel that practicing asking and answering questions was very helpful and I definitely feel more prepared for this portion during tomorrow's presentation. Overall, I feel more confident in my presentation for tomorrow. Although, I still am very nervous.

After class I went to eat dinner with Krystal and Lynda. We decided to go to Shanghai Asian Bistro. Our food was very delicious and was a great way to spend my last dinner in Providence. After dinner I headed back to my dorm where I got straight to work. I ran over my presentation a few times and got prepared for my very long day tomorrow. I also packed all my things up. I will finish the last of my packing in the morning so that I do not have to worry about it too much after my presentation. The day ended with a phone call to the family, I've begun to get a little homesick and can't wait to see everyone!

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