Sunday, July 3, 2016

Ride with the Tide

I had no trouble at all jumping out of bed this morning as I was excited for the beach trip today. I had everything prepared the night before so that I could sleep in, and getting ready in the morning was very simple. Since I knew I'd be swimming all day I decided to not have a heavy breakfast, after breakfast I headed to the buses with Lynda. We walked from the Ratty to Thayer where 6 different buses awaited. After we finally figured out where to go we got into a pretty crowded line. We were within the first group of people who were waiting to load the buses and we got onto bus 6. We got some seats near the front that were around some of our Buxton buddies, we ended up spending majority of the day with them.

After a fairly long drive, we finally arrived at the beach. The beach was full of people, lots were barbecuing and it was a really great atmosphere to be in. When we headed out of the bus we were hit by warm gush of air. The great Scarborough weather caused us to immediately run down to the beach. We struggled walking through the very hot sand to find a spot we could lay our towels. Eventually we found a great spot and settled in. After planting our items in the sand we ran down to the water. I knew not to get my hopes up about the water temperature which was good because it was freezing. It took a "just do it," attitude to finally submerge my entire body into the water. It took a little bit of getting used to but I finally got comfortable swimming in the water. Our time in the water was very fun, my favorite part was when these great waves would come and we'd swim or jump with them. We also did a little bit of sunbathing which caused a lot of the group to get sunburnt. I on the other hand absorbed the sun rays with no issue.

After a little bit of an hour of fun we headed over to get lunch and check in with our RAs. I ended up getting fries and chicken tenders which filled me up nicely. After finishing the food Lynda and I headed over to get some frozen lemonade, which was perfect for this hot weather. After the frozen lemonade we headed back to our towels and eventually met up with Krystal. We went back into the water for a bit with Krystal and then sunbathed some more. We passed some more time by playing in the sand, and soon enough it was time to load the buses.

The ride seemed much shorter to campus from the beach, and next thing I knew we were back on campus. After settling into our dorms, Camila, Krystal, Lynda, and I all went to the Ratty for dinner. I was very hungry after a very active day and I think it made the food taste even better. After dinner Lynda and I did some laundry and then rested in our dorms. Later we headed outside to mingle with some other pre-college students. This was very fun and we listened to music, danced, and played some games. We then headed back in for curfew and washed off all the sand we collected from earlier today. It was nice getting into comfy clothes and back into work mode. Now off to bed for another fun filled day.

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