Monday, July 11, 2016

Thrill in a Lot of Tension

Abnormally, this blog will not begin from a morning, but an evening filled with adventure and thrill. Friday evening, after saying goodbyes to all our friends, we boarded a plane from Providence to Atlanta. Everything went well, until our plane was delayed by an hour and fifteen minutes. I slept or stared at the clouds and landscape throughout the ride. I also chatted with two girls sitting besides me and found out that they were going to Florida for a vacation. I told them about my ILC journey at Brown and that I was going home after three weeks. 

Once we arrived in Atlanta, we were in a crisis. We had a few minutes to get to the gate of our next flight. We frantically ran through the airport to the gate, which happened to be located on the other side of the airport. The flight was scheduled to leave at 10:35 PM and we arrived at the gate at 10:32 PM. Boarding was closed and we saw the plane depart in front of our eyes. Everyone was upset and worried. We called our families to inform them of the news. In all the anger around me, I had strange feelings of excitement and thrill. Here is a video which shows all of our feelings in the moment: Check it out, it is very hilarious. 

We talked to the Delta customer service and they told us that the next flight to San Francisco is at 8:00 AM, the next morning. Now the options we had were to spend a night at the airport or stay at a hotel. We picked the second, safer option. Lynda passionately spoke with the Delta customer service to persuade them to pay for our hotel rooms since it was the first Delta plane's delay which caused us to miss our second flight, but they refused to do so. After getting little help from customer service, we departed for a nearby hotel to spend the night. 

Around 1:00 AM, we checked into our rooms and woke up Saturday morning at 5:00 AM. With little sleep, we hustled to the airport and boarded our planes on time. Since all of us were very tired, we had little conversation throughout the ride. The plane had free wifi, movies, TV shows, music, and games, which made me really happy. I watched Zootopia and the first half of a popular Indian movie called Bajirao Mastani. 
Right before we landed in San Francisco.
The most precious picture I have with Lynda and Aimee.
We arrived in San Francisco at 10:00 AM. I was so happy to be back in the Bay Area! We took a shuttle from the airport to El Cerrito High School where we met smiling Don and our lovely families. My mom cooked me very delicious Indian food. It was great being home after a while! .
All settled in the shuttle, ready to go home.
The welcome at El Cerrito High School
One last group picture. I will miss all of these amazing women! 

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  1. Another entertaining video clip. Why pay for Netflix when we have Komal?