Thursday, July 7, 2016

Last Supper at Brown

The day has come. It's our last full day here in Brown University for this summer and we're feeling mixed and bittersweet emotions. Our experience here has been amazing so far and we're very thankful. We definitely are looking forward to giving back to our communities. 

Tomorrow are our Action Plan presentations. This whole day in our Women and Leadership class was dedicated to practicing them. I was placed in Group 1, which started with small group presentations with our TA Christine. My group had Sara, Lynda, Ananya and Elaine in it. I went first and it was my first time saying my speech out loud, so I felt a little nervous. It went fine though and Christine told me that I have a solid speech. She also gave me suggestions for some things to improve. After that session, my group went back inside to join the large group presentations and act as people in the audience asking questions while another group in our class presented. When they finished, we went out to our lunch break then my group was up next for presentations in the afternoon class. I was the last to go in my group this time. Some notes I need to keep in mind for tomorrow's actual presentation is to deliver my speech with more confidence. I also want to give better answers for questions I will be asked. In the last session of our Action Plan practice presentations, I gave written feedback for the presenters. Everyone has amazing plans and I'm anticipating updates and results of when we all go back home.

After school, I started packing my bags. It felt odd because the fact we're leaving tomorrow hasn't really sunk in yet. Tomorrow is probably going to end up with goodbye's, hugs and tears. I really will miss everyone. I hope we can all keep in contact and meet again some day. 

Lauren in the rain
To celebrate the last full day we have together in Summer at Brown, my friends Sara, Fern, Sachi, Ishani, Komal, Camila, Lauren and I went to the mall Providence Place to eat dinner and look around the stores. I ate some Taco Bell and Frozen Yogurt. These people are awesome and I've learned so many things from them, such as their interests and their hometowns. We talked about things like our Action Plans and our feelings about leaving tomorrow. 

My last night here consisted of watching Big Hero 6 with my friends in our dorms, attending a floor meeting about our last days here, and doing last minute preparations for our Action Plans. All the memories and things we've learned here will last for the rest of our lives and hopefully, it will impact others we tell this experience about as well.
2nd Floor Olney Meeting
Komal says it's entertaining watching me type

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