Monday, July 4, 2016

Luxurious Mansions Part 2 And The Sparkling Skies

Usually today would be the day I wake up and get ready to go out with my family. This is the first year I do not spend the 4th of July with my family and I have to say it is a bit upsetting, but I am in one of the 13 colonies, Rhode Island. I guessed that because I am in the East Coast the fireworks at night would be way better than the ones back at home in the West Coast. The girls here are like family now. 

I woke up today, I got ready, and left to get something to eat at the Ratty. Soon as I tried opening the doors of the Ratty, I noticed a sign on the door wall that said that it wasn't going to be open until 11 AM and we were suppose to meet up with Ms. Cruzat at 10 AM. At that time I extremely hungry so I texted my friends and we all decided to go down to Thayer Street to get breakfast at Starbucks. The bus stop is just outside of Starbucks so it was a god place to go eat at.

After eating it was time to go downtown. Bailey, Lynda, Komal, Camila, Aimee, and I caught the bus and in 5 minutes we were at Kennedy Plaza. In just a minute Ms. Cruzat met with us and we stood at the number 60 Providence to Newport stop. Around 11:30 AM the bus came along and we boarded on. Every seat and aisle on the bus was full which meant the bus driver didn't make certain stops because there was literally no room for more people. I got really sleepy so I took a mini nap on the ride and that made the time go by a little faster. It was about and hour and thirty minute ride and we were finally in Newport. 

From the station we took the trolley to see the extravagant hug and luxurious mansions; Rosecliff and
Marble House. Rosecliff was probably one of the most elegant but simpler mansion. Marble House was all made of marble from the inside out. They were both just beautiful and had amazing views of the ocean.

At around 4 PM we went to eat at Pasta Bar, which is also in Newport. They had sandwiches, calzones, pastas, soup, salads, etc. The menu itself looked like it hold the most delicious names of food dishes. Th food met higher than what I had expected and for dessert we had a nutella pizza which was so "bomb" in other words extremely delightful.

We headed back on the bus to Providence at around 5 PM and we knew it was going to be quite a long ride so we all decided to nap for a little. After walking for so long and eating it felt just about right to relax and close our eyes for just about a couple of minutes. I found myself in Providence after an intense nap that helped m restore my energy. We were dropped off at the Kennedy Plaza once again. Ms. Cruzat headed back to the Biltmore Hotel and w walked up College Hill, which took 10 minutes since there was no bus rides to take us at the time. A few of us changed and we waited for Lauren, Sara, Sachi, and Fern.

Once we all met outside of Olney at 8 PM, we started heading to a park nearby, like the Marina park in Richmond. There was music, a lot of people, activities, food, and the last thing, fireworks. It was until 9:15 Pm when the fireworks officially started covering the night skies in Providence. The show lasted about 30 minutes, and it was just so great to see that marvelous lights in the sky.

It was 10 PM so we headed back to campus, but we were all craving for some snacks so Sara, Ishani, Aimee, and I got ice cream at Ben & Jerry's while the rest of the group got Starbucks, and we all walked back to campus where we checked in.

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