Thursday, July 7, 2016

La Ultima Noche ("The Last Night")

It is crazy to think that just last week we were preparing to move into our dorm and now we are about to leave. Our excitement level reached over the maximum capacity and now our emotions of joy and sadness are merging together about to make us explode into tears of farewell. 

All I could focus about today was to try and have the best time with my classmates for one last whole day. Today was the last day to make the best out of everything.

My morning was off by some time. I woke up at 8 AM. Yes, I over slept but I felt so good, so happy to go to class. I made my way to the Ratty pretty late, just as I was entering almost everyone was gone. Bailey was there luckily to make me company as I prepared myself a coffee. We both walked over to class and started talking about what we felt about it being our last full day. Well we both felt surprised on how fast time flew by.

The entire objective of today in class was to practice presenting our Action Plan to our peers. We all had turns to be the audience, and to be the presenter. It was so nice to here all the unique plans and ideas. Now when it comes to public speaking I am not so good at it, I usually panic and forget. Today I actually spoke through it although I was nervous and pacing too fast as I walked. Besides that my content was good. 

Now a little information about my Action Plan is that I am presenting about teen homicide awareness. This is an issue that has affected every student at my school, my community, and it has affected me as well. I chose this topic because I lost a close friend to this, so it immediately it became a topic I can really care about. The first time I presented in a large audience and everything ran smoothly and I answered my questions very well.

The lunch time came around. We ate at the V-dub and it was great. Those waffles are sure tasty. Then we headed back to class.
Lynda, Bailey, and I
The final thing on my checklist was presenting again in a small audience. At the beginning I had time to review my lines and prepare, but I could not help thinking about those lost innocent lives. My turn to present came along and just as I though I was doing great, I could handle it. Just hearing myself speak about the fear and hurt we all feel back home due to these catastrophic incidents made me shed into tears, but I am okay. This only shows that w all have weaknesses, but those weaknesses make you stronger. My speech is so touching and now I know that certain things will be changed for me to speak without it being to personal.

Honey Dew Flavored
Only that made me realize the huge power and impact this class has brought to me. I have learned so much about others but importantly I have learned about myself. I have learned to point out my weaknesses and it might sound bad but only that can help you as a person strengthen those weaknesses in life.

After a long day we were dismissed from class.

Lynda, Bailey, and I walked to our dorms to drop off our belongings. We then headed to the grad center because Bailey had to pick up a new key since they changed her lock. 

Finally we walked down Thayer Street, where we bought refreshing boba (bubble) drinks, and we headed to a Chinese restaurant. The place was small but nice, and the food was great. As we ate our delicious diner it began to rain outside. I never knew how humid the weather could be until I arrived here.

It was finally time to rest and dorm in to prepare for our long day tomorrow and lastly I will begin packing tonight.

Our view.

Chicken fried rice, fried shrimp, and sweet & sour chicken.

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