Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Royalty and Fireworks

My day started with regret. I wanted to spend my fourth of July working on my action plan, but since everyone wanted to go see a few more of the mansions, I decided to tag along to Newport. 

After breakfast at Starbucks, since none of the dining halls were open, we caught a bus to downtown Providence and then transferred to a bus for Newport. The experience in the bus was dreadful. We were surrounded by a group of old men that were quite creepy and very smelly. When they left, we were relieved. 

At Newport, we first visited the gorgeous Rosecliff. We got an audio tour of the beautiful mansion. The view of the ocean from the "backyard" of the mansion was gorgeous. Soon after we went to Marble House, known to be used for the filming of The Great Gatsby. I was fascinated by how the whole house is constructed with marble. It was absolutely beautiful. 

Walking down the staircase of my new home.
It was awesome finding the International Tennis Hall of Fame while having my dear tennis jacket.
We went to a pasta place for lunch. I ordered a margarita pizza. It didn't taste quite like the pizza I am used to having, but it was very delicious. We had a nutella pizza with strawberries and whipped cream for desert. The pizza was heaven! 

After lunch, us ILCers headed back home. The ride home was much more comfortable. Around 8 PM, we met up with our other friends, Sara, Fern, Lauren, Sachi, and Ishani, to go watch fireworks. Once we reached Indian Point Park, we joined a huge crowd of people. There were musicians, people dancing, and plenty of food stalls. The fireworks were so beautiful! It was awesome seeing fireworks on fourth of July after so many years! 

We returned back to our dorms to work on our action plans. As the days rapidly go by, I feel more and more sad about leaving my friends. I hope I make the best out of the last four days I have left at Brown. 


  1. Seems like you're making the most of Brown! Good luck with your action plans!

  2. Seems like you're making the most of Brown! Good luck with your action plans!

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