Monday, July 4, 2016

The Fourth on the Other Coast

Today wasn't like any other day because today was my first time being on the East Coast for the Fourth of July. It was a whole new experience, and I was really happy I was able to spend it over here, even if I wasn't able to spend it with my family.

Welcome to the Rosecliff Mansion.
The Tea House located in the backyard of the Marble House
As we had planned on Saturday, we decided to go finish seeing some more mansions.  We saw the Rosecliff Mansion and The Marble House. They were both beautiful but they made me realize, I do not want a mansion as a house when I'm older because it'll be too big and I'll just feel lonely. I still want a big house, just not a mansion.

My Calzone.
After we saw both houses, we ate dinner at Pasta Bar. Let me tell you, my Ricotta Calzone was delicious. I hadn't had a Calzone in forever, so I was very happy to eat one again. As if the Calzone wasn't enough, we decided to also get the Nutella Pizza for dessert, it was just a whole new experience of deliciousness. I was really happy I was able to eat there.

During the long bus ride back to the dorms, the road just seemed so patriotic. We saw American Flags everywhere and people dressed up. Believe it or not, the street lines instead of just being plain white, they were striped; red, white, and blue. It was a whole new experience because I've never seen a town so patriotic, it was really cool.

Once we got off the bus, we walked to the dorms, picked up some stuff, and walked to Indian Point Park to see the fireworks. While we waited for the fireworks to start, we decided to go hear the band that was playing, they actually had really good music. I especially loved it because they incorporated Spanish music and everyone was just dancing and having a great time.

The fireworks
The Nutella Pizza
Finally it was time for the fireworks. They lasted about 30 minutes and they were beautiful, I was happy the be able to see them.

Finally, we walked back to our dorms and I'm getting some rest after a long day.

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