Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The Heat Rush

Today I woke up early and really energized which I find to be very weird since I stayed up late last night. I got off my bed and opened my blinds. The sun was shinning brightly and the sky was clear, there was not a single cloud. 

Soon after getting ready I made my way to the Ratty like every other day. The first thing I did was fill my water bottle because I knew today was going to be one of those super hot days, but what I didn't know is that it was going to be extremely hot and dry. I served myself a cereal and sat down with Sara, Sachi, Lauren, Komal, and Ishani. We talked and rushed our morning breakfast since we had just about 30 minutes before 9 AM. In just about 20 minutes we left and made our way to class, the sunlight was so powerful that it hurt to walk across the pavement since it felt like a burning stone. 

Today's morning in class we had the opportunity to finish typing our Action Plan written assignment. Tina and Christine were there ready to help us edit and proof everyone's essays. I finished typing a few last necessary details and then I polished it a bit. I finished just 10 minutes before lunch dismissal. In the meantime I re-read all my essays to make sure that nothing was grammatically wrong. 
Before I knew it lunch time was here and I joined all the girls in a group lunch at the V-Dub. Just as I was opening the door to the CIT room I felt the heat hit my whole body. It literally felt like I was getting blasted with fire, the heat was so intense. I checked the weather on my phone and the temperature was 93 degrees which is extremely hot if you live in the Bay Area. The worse part is that there was no air, literally there was no wind to cool off. 

After lunch, we headed back to class where we would have a public speaking workshop. Public speaking is not my thing and apparently it's the most feared thing in the United States, even more than death. Our instructor for the day was named Jennifer and she was a graduate student from Brown and now she teaches/trains people to public speak. In the workshop we learned how to control nerves, how to articulate fluidly, how to answer questions, and lastly how to use body language. Out of everything body language is the most important factor when it comes to speaking in front of an audience because people will eventually forget half of the things you say and rather focus in how well you used body language to emphasize the issue. I actually learned a few tips on how to control my nerves and I hope it will help when I present this Friday.

Our class was dismissed at 3 PM and it gave many students time to finish their assignment and I actually submitted mine on Canvas which is a site where all of our assignments are posted and usually turned in. Then I headed back to my dorm to rest for a while because the heat was taking over my energy and I was starting to get a headache. Just as I entered my room my mom called me and we spent about an hour on the phone just to check in and catch up. Then I took a small nap before I headed out to dinner with the group.

At 6 PM Sara, Lauren, Aimee, Camila, Sachi, Fern, Jennifer, Komal, Lynda, Bailey, and I walked down Thayer Street to seek a place to eat. We all wanted different things so we split into two groups. My group ended up going to Kabob & Curry, which is the best Indian Cuisine restaurant in Providence and I say that even though this was my second time going because it is really good. I had already tasted the chicken tikka masala so I decided to order something other than that so that I could taste more than just sticking to one meal every single time.
After eating I headed back to campus, but instead of going straight to the suffocating dorms, I actually decided sit on the benches with Lynda and Bailey at Hughes Court to enjoy the sunset and breeze flowing in after a hot day.

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  1. Accuweather says it was only 91º in Providence today so the blast furnace effect you were feeling is something of an anomaly.

    We sent our last two cohorts off today with Vanderbilt at ECHS at 2:45 AM and Chicago at 9:45 AM. We never saw the sun all day because of the overcast nature of the clouds and fog. It was actually so chilly with the wind that I wore long pants, a heavy flannel shirt and a jacket--in July!