Sunday, July 3, 2016

Friends and Waves

My morning consisted of frantically waking up, realizing I need to do laundry, and then quickly getting dressed to meet all my lovely friends, Fern, Aimee, Lauren, Ishani, and Krystal, in the Ratty to have breakfast. After some fresh fruit, french toast, eggs, and cereal, we all headed to Thayer Street for the Brown beach trip to Scarborough Beach, Narragansett.

I boarded the bus and tried to take a nap in the Antarctic conditions of the bus, but was rather unsuccessful. I also chatted with Fern about Thailand on the way there.

Once we arrived, we settled in a spot on the beach and swum, sunbathed, and made sand castles. It was very fun! I didn't take too many pictures, scared that I will get water or sand in my camera and phone.  
Beach day, yay!

Lunch consisted of a grilled cheese sandwich and french fries. Very yummy. Side fact, the beach doesn't have a single garbage can available for public use.

After having lots of fun with my wonderful friends, we boarded the bus back to Providence. Once again unsuccessful naps reigned the time. 

Once at Brown, we all got busy showering, doing laundry, cleaning rooms, working on Action Plans, and preparing for the upcoming busy week. 

We had dinner around 7 PM and then left for our floor meetings. In my meeting, we first played an icebreaker in which Kevin passed around a cup full of M&M’s. We all had to pour two or three in our hands. I "accidentally" poured five. We then went around the room with each person saying their name and answering the question associated with each color of the m&ms. For example, since I had four brown m&ms, I had to list four things I can't live without, which were eating, breathing, talking, and sleeping. I know, I know, I wasn't very creative. I was put on spot. I also had a blue one in which I had to list something I am proud of. I listed the epic pillow fight I had with Fern, Ishani, and Lauren the night before.

After the floor meeting, I watched Tangled with my friends and then went to blog and finally sleep early. Today I realized I am going to miss all of my friends so much! It saddens me that we will be leaving in a week. But, I must savor the present. 

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  1. Once again an ILCer teases me about food. M&M’s used to be one of my food staples until the diabetes got a hold of me. I miss those M&M’s.

    Great photo of you with your gal pals.