Thursday, July 7, 2016

Work and Dance

I spent my whole morning detailing the various parts of my action plan including the introduction, background information, my goals for the action plan, the plan itself, the timeline in which I would complete the action plan, the obstacles and challenges in the way, what resources I would need to acquire, and how I would define success of the action plan. Since I went beyond the maximum page limitation of five pages, I spent a lot of time nit-picking ideas and concepts I could delete from my report. 

After lunch, the public speaking workshop took place. I learned so many valuable tips for public speaking! I learned the don'ts of public speaking and realized that I do many of those don'ts. The facilitator Jennifer did an amazing job keeping our nerves for the presentation on Friday low. I will definitely use many of the tips she gave us in my presentation and in the future. 

After the amazing workshop, I ardently worked on my action plan, attempting to perfect it as much as I can. At 5:00 PM, I  submitted my report and was overjoyed with the completion.

For the remainder of the day, I hung out with my friends Sara, Fern, Sachi, Ishani, Aimee, and Lauren. With Krystal, Lynda, Bailey, and Camila, we all went to dinner at Kabob and Curry. The meal was, like always, very, very, very delicious. We then went to a dance organized by the LGBTQ+ club. It was so fun dancing with all of my buddies! I am going to miss lall of them so much! 

Tired from the dance, I went to sleep early to prepare for my presentation in the morning. I am very sad that the course is coming to an end. I don't want to leave my awesome squad. Friday will definitely be very emotional. 

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