Sunday, July 3, 2016

Let's Go to the Beach

Buxton Hall Buddies.
Today, bright and early, we headed out to Scarborough Beach. After the long drive we finally arrived. Bailey and I decided to branch out, so we hung out with our new friends from Buxton Hall. As soon as we set our stuff down, we all dared to go into the water. It was freezing. Yet, we were brave and we were all able to make it though a couple hours of cold water.

It was now lunchtime. As a group we ordered food, I got the chicken tenders and cheese fries, they were pretty decent. Soon after lunch we returned to the beach and went right into the water again, by this time Krystal had joined us.

Bailey getting out of her mermaid tail.
Once we got out the water, we decided to dry off and dig a hole. After digging the hole, we buried Bailey's legs into an attempted shape of a mermaid. It wasn't very good, but it was worth the try.

It was finally time to go back to Brown. Once we arrived to Brown, I noticed my tan lines weren't really tan lines because I got dark, but tan lines because I was really sunburnt. My whole back really hurt. So I've been applying aloe vera all over the burnt areas. It also really helped if i'm in cooler areas.

After my body started hurting from being sunburnt, I just decided to sit down outside my dorm to help cool off my back. That's how my day ended.

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