Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Almost There!

Working in class today with my Starbucks.
I was very excited to head to class today because we were scheduled to finish up our action plans for the morning session. I knew it was going to be a very useful and relaxing class today. When I got to class I sat at a group table and immediately pulled out my laptop to start working. I had a rough draft of my action plan already so getting started was pretty easy. After about two hours of writing and talking, Tina allowed for us to break to go get some food to keep us energized. Lynda and I headed over to Starbucks where I ordered a green tea frappucino and a croissant. My snack was delicious and kept me going for the next thirty minutes.

After thirty more minutes of working we headed out to lunch. As usual, we ate at the V-Dub for lunch. I ate a sandwich and fries as I kept on working for the duration of lunch. After about an hour it was time to head back to class where we were having another workshop.

Today's workshop was taught by Jennifer Madden, a Brown alumni, on public speaking. I was very nervous for this workshop, like I've mentioned in previous blogs public speaking is very scary for me. A little bit of excitement although, came with my nervousness. I am always looking for ways to become better at public speaking. 

Jennifer started off the workshop by asking us each to introduce ourselves and state what we'd like to get out of the workshop today. I was hoping to learn to deal with nerves as well as how to better project my voice. The workshop not only helped me with these two things but provided me with so much more useful information as well. I will apply all that I learned today to my action plan presentation on Friday. I feel a bit more prepared for the presentation but like Jennifer said today, nerves never go away you just have to learn to cope with them. Our presentations and end of our session are so close, I'm so excited!

After the workshop I headed straight to my dorm to finish my last piece of the action plan. This turned out to take much longer than I thought, due to my perfectionist ways. I did get it done in time and then headed out to dinner with some friends. We decided to eat at Kebab and Curry once again today. It was delicious, after eating I headed back to my dorm, I have a feeling that I will get a good night's rest since I finished all of my work fairly early.

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