Sunday, July 3, 2016

Loving The Sun And The Atlantic

I woke up to intense sunlight fighting its way through the blinds, but that was okay because it meant that today would be a great beach day. I got up at around 7 AM, and I got ready for today's trip. I signed up for the Brown's weekend trip to Scarborough Beach last week and the day was finally here. This meant that I would finally touch the Atlantic Ocean at least for once in my life. This is all new to me since this is my first time visiting the East Coast now I was going to be able to do something I have never done before which was being able to go to the beach out here.

After eating breakfast at the Ratty, Lauren, Komal, Camila, Aimee, and I headed to the most popular street, also known as Thayer Street to wait for the bus. Once we exited the gate and turned on the corner of the block, we saw groups of students walking toward the same direction we were. Eventually they were also attending this trip. We got on to the bus number 3, and we had two Room Advisors that would be attending this trip and would be making sure we would be safe throughout the trip, and her name was Katenra.

On our way over to Scarborough the air conditioner on the bus was extremely cold and the view was breath taking. Everything seems to be amazing when you have never seen it before and this trip has surely caught my eye on buildings, landscapes, and just the scenery.

An hour of a nap we arrived at the beach. The suns rays were great and warm but the wind was gently refreshing. We finally got to our spot right in front of the water. We immediately laid out our towels and stretched across them and of course we did not forget the sunscreen, the last thing we wanted is to get sunburned. We soaked up some sun in hopes of a tan and we also dipped in the water to cool off and repeated this process a couple of times. I was with Fern, Lauren, Camila, Komal, Aimee, and Ishani. At 12 PM we checked in with our RA's and then gathered to get some food. Just to mention this is probably the on only beach that sells food and has no garbage bags so the shack in which we ordered our food took our garbage as well.
Komal, Ishani, Aimee, and Fern.
Then, after eating, we headed back to our spot and I moved over to join Bailey and Lynda who were just a couple of steps away. There we also tried to absorb sun and we jumped into the cold water. The sky was getting cloudy and and wind got cooler. Then we decided it was time to dry off and head back to the bus area at 3:30 PM. There we waited 10 minutes and then finally our bus arrived and we left. Everyone was so exhausted that the ride back to campus was quiet and the driver realized the AC was too cold so he turned it up a bit.

We arrived on campus at around 5 PM and I went straight to put my clothes to wash, and in the midst of waiting for my clothes to finish washing Camila, Bailey, Lynda, and I headed out to dinner at the Ratty. Then I went back to the basement laundry room to put my clothes to dry. As I made my way back the center staircase, I went up and then on the windows I noticed a huge amount of moths trying to colonize all over the frame. I told our RA and there is someone taking care of it sometime this week.

I waited for my clothes to dry off and I took a shower, then I went to my floor meeting. Our meeting took place in the basement lounge. We started off with an icebreaker exercise which is a set of questions and it is helpful when your trying to get to know someone. The students and RA's from my floor are just a group of cheerful and full of life which is beautiful to me. Everyone who I've met are just amazing people spreading so much positive energy with each other.

Today I must say it has been such a great day to end the mid-week of the program.

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