Saturday, June 25, 2016

3rd Floor at Olney House

Today my day started better than any other day well at least that is what I believe. I got to sleep in for a couple of extra hours and I restored all of my needed sleep. Around 9 AM my alarm went off and I snoozed it. Honestly the more I slept, the more I wanted to sleep, so just opened my eyes and laid in bed awake for 5 minutes until I was fully awake. I got up and off the bed and began to get ready. I also made sure to pack everything back before it was time to check out of the Biltmore hotel. We met once again at the lobby's Starbucks shop about around 10 AM.

After I ate my breakfast, we still had a gap between checking out of the hotel and checking in to dorms. Before checking out we placed our bags in Ms. Cruzat's room so we wouldn't have to carry it around everywhere. 

Then we all began looking for an activity that we could do to kill the time and still have the opportunity to explore. We kept looking until Komal mentioned the Roger's William Park & Zoo. A zoo? you might ask but yes a zoo. The whole cohort agreed on going to the zoo. 

We made our way to the Roger Williams Zoo on a house car, in other words a truck. We arrived in no time and it was just a huge park filled with lakes, paddle boating areas, a zoo, a playground, and etc. It was probably the biggest park I've ever been to. Everything was green and I was so amazed about this landscape because I haven't seen much green back in California lately. The last time I had went to the zoo, I was about 6 years old, so I was really excited to view the wild animals once again in my life after so long. Not only that but the park itself had me very amazed for its length and width.

We entered the zoo, and it was time to explore what Rhode Island has to offer. I saw a lot of animals from Africa to the Tropical Americas, they were all there. We also got to pet and brush lambs which I've done before but it has been too long to remember. 

After the zoo the girls wanted to go paddle boating so we headed down the street to a small lake. As we waited in line for our turn we got to see a little girl throwing a tantrum because she didn't want to put on a life vest, and the steaming hot sun rays hit us very intensely so we looked for shade under an umbrella on the dock. Unfortunately the driver arrived earlier than we had expected so Camila and I did not have the opportunity to go paddle boating. 

Bailey and Lynda
For the very last time as guests the ILCERS and I made our way to the hotel to pick up our luggage and headed to our dorm's check in at Brown's Graduate Center where I received my ID and key to my room located at Onley House. Camila, Komal, Aimee and I are all in the same residential house and just across is Buxton where Lynda and Bailey are staying. After finding my room, it had a heart shaped paper with my name on it which made me feel very welcomed. When I opened the door I came to discover that I will be in a room by myself which was pretty surprising but not bad at all.

I snapped a few pictures of my room and started settling in, and then I headed back down to meet up with my cohort and we walked to the bookstore. There we purchased our school hoodies, and other souvenirs. I personally bought a water bottle with the Brown logo and some shorts which are very needed here. Then we decided to dine Korean BBQ which had been extremely recommended by other ILCERS and it was indeed very great. We also had to rent out fans but it was too late but we still have until tomorrow so we made our ways back to our dorms and said goodbye to Ms. Cruzat who has been so wonderful.
Chicken BBQ and Taro Boba

I finished packing and my mother called me through facetime. I said hi to my siblings as well and talked with them for a while. It was very nice to see her checking up on me and even though I miss her, I am actually having a blast here in the East. 

I went down to the basement to look and locate the laundry room and I found it. Then I walked back up to my floor and just as I was unlocking my door, a girl who is next door to me approached me. I greeted her back and we talked for a bit, she told me her name was Ishani, and she is from India. She had an 18 hour plane ride which is crazy to think about but she got here safely, and like me she is also an uprising senior. Just as I was talking to her, Komal popped up and joined the conversation. Ishani seemed so relieved to interact with us and so was I. She will also be in our Women & Leadership course these two weeks.

Then I headed back to my dorm and just as I was about to start to open my laptop I heard a knock and I opened my door, it was my Room Advisor who is named Leshan Dalton, a rising sophomore here at Brown from Kenya -- which is very interesting. He just checked in with me and then I was left all alone again so I decided to finish blogging in Komal's dorm which is two doors away from mine. 

Overall I feel like today was a very successful day and I'm finally a Brown student!

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  1. I felt very good reading your blog, Krystal. Reading about your own joy in being there, your mother checking in on you and your time with the rest of your cohort--it just sounds so nice.

    In all of the years that we’ve sent ILCers to Brown this is the first time I’ve ever seen the ID badges--that’s a great photo of you on the badge. Wonder who took it. :-) I even love the lanyard.