Monday, June 13, 2016

Will Brown University Be My Best Fit When I Apply For College?

It is crazy to realize now that in just about a week and a half, my cohort and I will be attending Brown University. I have been waiting for this trip for so long now that the time is really running by super fast and slipping away. This will be my very first time being in the East and most importantly it'll be my be my first time experiencing life as a college student. Although I've been away from home before, it surely will be different this time because I will have to step up as an adult, and become very responsible and independent which I have done before but only to a certain extent.

I was given the task to research a little more in dept about one specific university we will be visiting. My decision was between Wellesley College or Brown University, and since I will be attending Brown, I have decided to search for more insight of the university's history and achievements.

Founded in 1764, Brown University home to the Bears, is ranked number 14 of the best Ivy League universities nationally in the United States. Brown University is a private college with an enrollment of just about 6,548 undergraduates, which means it is a very small school. Small schools means better 101 interactions with the professors and better financial aid help for students of low income families.

This urban campus university is located in the city of Providence in Rhode Island, it is more to have been placed in a college- town with a merging amount of restaurants and shopping centers around it. 

Brown is best known because it was the first university to be open to students of any religion, and even up to today it is well know for its great openness. The university also has a small Greek community and a few Greek organizations. In this great welcoming university you can find a broad amount of cultural diversity, many of the students are international which really opens the door for anyone to learn different traditional values from all over the world.

The campus is decorated with a few monuments like; Marcus Aurelius, Caesar Augustus, Brown Bear, Indomitable, etc. They all have their significance like any other monument, but one specific thing on the campus has a very traditional and intersting purpose. The Van Wickle Gates, located in the center of the campus only opens two times a year. The gates are first open inward to welcome first year students, and it's open outward lastly for Commencement, when seniors walk out.

Van Wickle Gates
There has been many awarded alumni from Brown such as; 7 Nobel Prize winners and 5 National Humanities Medalist. 

The most common popular majors at Brown are Biology/Biological Sciences, Economics, Computer Science, History, and Neuroscience. The most common Graduate School courses are the School of Engineering, Alpert Medicine School, the School of Public Health, and the School of Professional Studies. The most highly ranked Graduate School department is the Warren Alpert Medicine School.

Now that I have became more informed about Brown, it sure feels like a school that I would be willing most likely to apply to. I feel like I would fit perfectly in the medicine department, since I plan in attending a School of Medicine in the future for my dream career. 

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