Monday, June 6, 2016

From The Bay to Brown, Well Almost

Arriving at Pinole Middle School at 5:45 PM, I immediately met up with Komal and Ms. Cruzat. After we greeted one another, we walked to the Pinole Middle School gym and waited outside, due to the doors being locked. Soon after Don arrived, he furious to find out the doors were locked. In a hurry, he went to go find a janitor to unlock the doors. About 15 to 20 minutes later, the doors were finally unlocked and we were able to enter the gym.
All five chaperones going on the trips.

Once we walked in. Don apologized for the wait, and said a few words. Later, each chaperone was able to introduce themselves and stated why they were excited to go on this trip.

Soon after, we all broke up into our school groups. We discussed what we wanted to do on the trip and the schools we'd be visiting. We also discussed our departure and arrival days. I have many mixed feelings for departure day because I am very happy to finally be leaving to Brown on June 22, but sad because I have to wake up very early since our flight departs at 6:00 AM. We also found out that we'd be arriving back to the Bay Area at 12:45 AM, and that Don would be taking pictures of us at that time, I think a great middle of the night picture won't hurt any of us, and besides we'll all probably look great.

We then got back into our big group and discusses the loaner items. Once the meeting was over, I got my medical card and I.D. scanned, only to return home to begin to pack.

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