Friday, June 24, 2016

Entranced in Providence

"Komal...Komal," said Ms. Cruzat. The time was 5:45 AM. We were instructed to meet in the lobby at 6:00 AM. The thought of having to shower, get dressed, and finish packing in fifteen minutes was baffling, but I quickly ran to complete all the tasks. By 6:11 AM, I  was downstairs, ready for the day.

A few others were late as well, so we ended up arriving at the Axis car rental garage around 7 AM. After returning the car, we all headed to the Amtrak stations, which was, fortunately, right across the street. 
Waiting for the Amtrak
We grabbed breakfast from Dunkin Donuts and then boarded the train to Providence. The ride was fast and comfortable. The next step was taking taxis to our hotel. It was so heartwarming to see the reaction of our taxi driver when we told him that we all got scholarships from the Ivy League Connection to attend Women and Leadership at Brown University. 

When we arrived at Providence Biltmore, we were dazzled by its grandeur. Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to check into our rooms until 4 PM, so we had our luggage stored before we started the trek to Brown University.
The elegant Biltmore
Of course we got lost here and there on the way to Brown, but we eventually found the Main Green and took a few photos in front of the Van Wickle Gates. 
Downtown Providence

We decided to explore Thayer Street for lunch. The chosen restaurant was Chipotle. I don't dine at Chipotle as much, so it was nice to eat there after a long time. 

The SciLi (Sciences Library) was where we ended up spending the remainder of the time left for our Brown tour. I worked on my blog and read a chapter of Ralph Ellison's The Invisible Man. 

Finally the information session began. It was directed by Aden, a rising junior concentrating (e.g. majoring) in biology and classics, and David, also a rising junior concentrating in physics and philosophy. I love how both of them along with many other Brown students are interested in interdisciplinary studies. It's amazing how Brown encourages connecting the sciences and humanities. I would love to get such an education.

Aden and David began by discussing the academics of Brown. The university has about 2,000 classes to offer to its students. Brown is unique for its open curriculum. The university does not enforce a general education or core classes. Students have the freedom of choosing their classes and being the "architects of their future." I absolutely love this about Brown! But, Brown does have the following few requirements: students must complete 30 credits and graduate by fulfilling all the credits necessary for at least one concentration. Very reasonable.

Brown also has a lot of research opportunities for its undergraduate students, which is amazing! Financial aid follows study abroad trips, another good factor. 

What I love the most about Brown is that the focus is learning for the sake of learning. This is encouraged by the open curriculum, interdisciplinary studies, and the pass or fail option for grades. I love the idea of connected the sciences and humanities, perfect for someone like me who is interested in a lot of things and too confused to pick one interest. 

Soon it was time for the tour. Max, a rising senior concentrating in computer science and classics, was my tour guide. He was an awesome tour guide! He answered all of my questions with lots of information. 

A photoshoot after the tour. From left to right: Bailey, Aimee, Max, Lynda, and me. 
After the tour, we walked back to our hotel and checked into our rooms. The room is great, so big, beautiful, and comfortable. Lynda, Bailey, Camilla, and I watched an episode of Grey's Anatomy and worked on our blogs. Around 7 PM, we went out for dinner at Luxe Burger. I order a chocolate marshmallow milkshake, create my own burger, and a creme brulee. Everything was delicious! 
The Brown tour was very important. Since last summer, my mindset about applying to colleges outside of California changed a tiny bit. My parents and older friends somewhat convinced me that I should attend a college in California. With today and yesterday's tour, I realized that I will definitely apply to colleges outside of California, specifically Brown. This year's ILC journey is especially important as I will be applying to colleges right after it. ILC, thank you for exposing to much more than I know. 

Tomorrow we will be checking into Brown, I am thrilled to see my dorm, meet my roommate, and start my summer session at Brown. 

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