Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Chaperone Meet and Greet - Take Two

Today's meet and greet destination.
Today was the official meet and greet of our new chaperone Ms. Cruzat. Although we had already met previously, it was nice to finally be able to sit down and get to know her better.

We met up at Tina’s Place in Pinole, it was a new experience for me since I had never been there. I wasn’t nervous at all, on the contrary, I was actually very excited to be able to spend time with my cohort one more time before the trip.

As soon as we sat down, they brought us the menus, bread, and water. Just like the last meet and greet, there were so many options to choose from and it was very hard to decide. After a while of debating, I decided to order the Chicken Club with french fries.

Delicious Chicken Club

While we drank water and ate bread, we learned a little more about one another. Ms. Cruzat asked each one of us to say something about ourselves. We went around the table and I was very surprised to find out Ms. Cruzat used to be a principle in the Philippines. When she came in 2004, she began teaching at a middle school, she stated that it was such a struggle she even considered quitting, but as the next school year came she applied at Hercules High School, where she enjoyed teaching and decided to stay.

Soon after our food came, I can’t explain how delicious my Chicken Club was. As we ate our meals, we talked about our interests in life and what we aspire to be in the future. I have faith that all the girls in my cohort will make it far with whatever they choose to be because they are such great, talented girls.

The dinner part of our meet and greet came to an end, but Ms. Cruzat wanted to go play a quick game at Fernandez Park. We all gathered up in a circle and held hands to play this game, at first I thought the game was a piece of cake, but then as the game progressed it became more challenging. Although the game was a bit challenging, it was full of laughs and smiles, and we all had a great time playing it.

Our meet and greet then came to an end. I had a great afternoon thanks to my cohort, and I’m very confident that Ms. Cruzat is going to make our trip to Brown very fun and memorable.
A quick group picture to end the gathering.

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