Thursday, June 23, 2016

Tours for Days

Morning walks in Boston
This beautiful day of touring and site-seeing started with us waking early in the morning and heading out to eat breakfast. We had originally planned on going to Starbucks, but we couldn't find it. Instead, we decided to go to Dunkin' Donuts since it seems really popular here in the East. I got a Frozen Hot Chocolate and a Classic Donut, which sounds like a breakfast I would eat at home, but more expensive. 

We returned to the hotel then went into our car to visit Wellesley College. On our way there, we appreciated the old-style type of buildings in Massachusetts and how much green there is in the East. Since California is in a drought, all we see is dryness and not as much green as there is here. The drivers here also seem to get cranky easily, hence their constant honking.

We arrived at Wellesley way before the time of our info session at 1:00 PM., so we walked around and took pictures, taking in the whole environment. The campus is full of nature with plants everywhere and a lake. There are even squirrels and chipmunks around campus. It is definitely a place I would feel comfortable living in, minus the allergies I experienced when we first got there.

To pass time, we explored inside the chapel and in the library. I wasn't sure what religion the chapel was for, but it looked very holy and peaceful inside. There were stained glass windows on most sides of the room and the floor and seats were made of wood. We stayed there for a while taking pictures and laughing around until we decided to go to the library. It was very quiet and a few students were inside studying. We walked around for a while examining the books and building. I found a funny spot under an empty fireplace with Camila and Komal and we took some silly pictures.

The chapel and library
Our hunger took over soon, so we looked for a spot on campus to eat. We found a food area called Wellesley Fresh Emporium and bought more refreshments. This time, I got a mango smoothie and a bottled water. 

At 12:50 PM, we walked back to the Admission Office so we could start our Info Session. We were guided by Wellesley students Maria, Clellie and Marley. Maria is from Miami, Clellie is from Delaware and Marley is from Oregon. They talked to us about the academics, dorms, dining and student life at Wellesley. At Wellesley, they have a bunch of academic perks, such as their shadow grading, distribution requirements, study abroad and winter session. Their academic system is very flexible and allows for free exploration of different courses a student may want to try. It's also very good for freshmen because it gives them time to adjust and figure out their place in Wellesley College. 

After, we went on the tour around campus. Our tour guide was Clellie, who was super sweet and helpful. She gave us as much information as possible and answered all our questions. She showed us places like the outside of the dorm, the lake and the science building, but when we entered, the fire alarm went off and we had to leave the building. The tour eventually ended but our cohort continued talking to Maria, Clellie and Vanessa in the Admission Office. We asked them more questions about their personal experiences in the college and other general things about the college. They all had a pretty good experience transitioning from high school to college. Of course, we had to take a group picture with them.
In the science building
Women empowerment!
Our visit at Wellesley College opened my eyes to women colleges. Before this visit, I never would have considered going to an all women college because of misconceptions I had. Now, I think it would be a good choice because it's a very supportive atmosphere with all the great women in the college.

After Wellesley, we went to go site-seeing in Boston. We went to the Quincy Place and ate some food. I got a slice of pizza which had tomatoes and tasted so good unlike other pizzas I've tried before at home. We also got a bunch of souvenirs. I got a magnet, globe, stuffed animals and shirts for myself and my family. There were public shows outside and musicians playing. Boston is a very lively and busy place. 

At the end of our long day of touring, we returned in the hotel exhausted but satisfied with all of our experiences today. Tomorrow, we're waking up extra early to go to Providence!

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