Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Hello Boston!

I had trouble sleeping and getting rest before it was time to wake up and meet at El Cerrito High School. I just felt excited and anxious. I eventually ended up falling to sleep around 11 PM. Out of nowhere my phone started vibrating, and I woke up immediately, it was my mother calling, she really felt the necessity to call me at 2 AM, when I had a remaining 15 minutes to sleep in but I got up faster than lightning. I got dressed, put my shoes on, brushed my teeth, I said my last goodbyes to my mom and my siblings, and I was out the house at 2:30 AM. My sister, and step dad dropped me off at ECHS at 2:50 AM. Right when I got there Don weighted my luggage and gave me tags to tie on my bags. As we waited to take our famous departure group picture, we chose and packed our delicious snacks for the trip. I have to say we had the best variety of snacks to choose from.

We all gathered along with the Cornell cohort and listened to the last given instructions by Don and he handed out our final copy of the itinerary. I must admit it was pretty chilly outside everyone kind of hurdled together to stay warm. Then sooner than we thought the shuttle had arrived, it was then that I realized this was real, this was it.Well we said our final byes and got into the shuttle, and rode off to the airport. We headed to San Francisco international airport and there was no traffic as there usually is so we got there faster than a  bullet.
The super packed shuttle.

After we grabbed our luggage and made our ways to the kiosk where we checked in our bags, then we passed through the security checkpoint and now there was no turning back. All the girls looked exhausted and I felt like it as well, but you don’t always get these types of opportunities so the excitement builds up energy. We ordered caffeine beverages from Peet's Coffee. Then we made our way to our gate and it was boarding time. We departed at 6 AM.

After passing the security checkpoint area.
Komal, Camila, Aimee, Bailey, and me.
There was so many people on the plane.
My seat was on the 38th row and I got to sit next to Ms. Cruzat and a young gentleman who was pretty quiet and slept most of the time, he never spoke back to me when I would ask him something, but hey it happens. I looked out the window for a while and I caught on some sleep but my growling stomach woke me up so I ate a granola bar to calm it down. I also had the time to read an article about New Zealand and it’s beautiful sites which are extremely beautiful, colorful, and look full of life. Pretty much the outside view kept m pretty entertained. We arrived to Boston at 2:03 PM est.
Waiting for the shuttle.

We took shuttle to the rental car area, and it was fuller than ever. We waited for about an hour and finally we got our car. Then it was time to make our way to the hotel, but the Boston traffic is pretty bad. I was amazed of how many tunnels were in the freeway and how people feel so confident to walk on the sidewalk before the walking figure comes on. Eventually we had never been to Boston so it took us a while to arrive to the Midtown Hotel where we are  currently staying at the moment. After checking in and getting settled in our rooms we rested for about 20 minutes and headed to  the Cheesecake factory for dinner at 8 PM.

Lemon Garlic Shrimp.
I am so in love with Boston!
After a delicious dinner we headed back to the hotel where we now have time to rest up and restore energy for tomorrow's adventure.

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