Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The 42 Pound Mission

42 pounds. According to Don this is how much my luggage should weigh in at, this has proven to be a very difficult task. Started with 55, then to 45, 44.4. Which pair of shorts should I bring? Do I really need this top? I'm slowly cutting down on pounds item by item. Besides the struggle of packing, I am so excited for my trip. At 2:50 AM I will be at El Cerrito High School where we will get on a shuttle to the airport. I will be on the 6 AM flight to Boston tomorrow morning, I am so eager for the trip. Today was spent preparing for the trip and watching a couple of my favorite shows on Netflix.

Earlier I received an email from Don saying our original instructor, Mary Grace of the Women & Leadership course, will no longer be teaching it. Instead we will have Tina Park, I'm still just as excited for the course as I am sure that Ms. Park will be equally as great. Although I am nervous to actually take a course at Brown, my anticipation and excitement far outweigh any negative thoughts or fear!

It's getting late. I planned to fall asleep much earlier but, of course, due to much procrastination, I am still up. Overall I am so thrilled and grateful for this opportunity and can't wait to meet up with my cohort tomorrow morning. But right now, it's time for sleep.

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