Wednesday, June 22, 2016

From the Bay to Boston

All the crazy mixed emotions of traveling didn't hit me until last night. As Don advised, I tried to go to sleep early. It didn't really help when a thousand thoughts started rushing into my head. What if my alarm doesn't wake me up? Wow, I can't believe I'm traveling East tomorrow, I thought. With all the thoughts and emotions I was feeling mixed with the hot weather, it was getting hard for me to sleep. 
Being flashed by Don's camera before we go
Time kept passing by and I finally slept, but my slumber only felt like thirty minutes. I woke up at 1:30 AM, got everything ready and rolled out to El Cerrito. Cornell and Brown cohorts were there and Don had a snack table, item table and photo background set up. We all checked our luggage weights and put contact tags on our bags. When everything was all good, we went off to take some pictures and received some last few words from Don about our achievements and our trip.
SFO lit with rainbow lights
Our shuttle eventually came and we all said our goodbyes to our families. All our luggage was packed into the back and we made our way to SFO. It was pretty quick without traffic. We checked in our bags went through security. Some of us were TSA approved, like me. I had to be pat down because I got a beep when I went through the security. It has happened to me before so I didn't worry too much. 

Since we were so thirsty and tired, we got some coffee from Peet's Coffee. I got an Iced Mocha. It was good, but I still prefer Starbucks because it's sweeter and fits my taste. I ended up not finishing it and felt a little bad. 

We finally boarded into the plane, which was United Airlines. I was seated in row 23 with Lynda and a woman who spoke to us a while about her bad left shoulder then went off to sleep and read magazines with her earphones in. It was a long 5 hour trip and our bodies started to seriously ache. The seats were a little uncomfortable and small. There were also little kids in front of us shouting every few minutes making it very hard for us to rest. 
The view from the window
After those long hours of sitting in the plane, we finally landed in Boston at Logan Airport. We took another shuttle to a rental car place so we could ride to our hotel. It was tricky fitting the luggage into the trunk but we soon figured out a way. The streets had a lot of traffic and people everywhere which reminded me of San Francisco. 

Midtown Hotel is actually very nice and comfortable. I'm sharing the room with Krystal and Lynda. The men at the counter were very kind and the rooms have what we basically need. There are two big beds, a TV, a mirror, a bathroom, shelves and a closet. It smells great in here too. There is a pool here and we plan on going in it possibly tomorrow night.

Because we were all starving and super thirsty, we went out to eat dinner at Cheesecake Factory. It was my first time eating there so I was really excited and fascinated looking around at the restaurant and seeing the menu full of delicious food. I got a Bacon-Bacon Cheeseburger with fries. There was so much that I unfortunately couldn't finish it. It tasted awesome though. 

Bacon-Bacon Cheeseburger
So far, I'm liking Boston pretty well. It has beautiful, old-style looking buildings and sites everywhere to see and visit. We can't wait to visit more places tomorrow. My cohort is planning on making vlogs soon, so stay tuned.

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